Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Roadmap for 2020

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom has published the latest roadmap for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. While such things are always subject to change, it is a solid indicator of what you can expect to be doing in the game over the coming months.

Monster Hunter World has been a massive success for Capcom, and there are clear plans in place to keep the 4 million strong player base entertained. Of interest to PC players, Capcom has stated that the hope to fast-track updates for the platform, the stop it from lagging behind PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They hope to have this completed by March of this year.

Iceborne Roadmap

In January, we have Astera/Seliana Fest, Grand Appreciation Fest, and new Layered Armor to look forward to. February will bring special event quests featuring:

  • High encounter rate for gold crown monsters
  • Increase decoration rewards drop rate
  • Great Spiritvein Gem rewards (March)
  • Higher master rank point gains

March will bring Major Title Update 3, and introduce two new variant monster. Another title update arrives in April, bringing new Arch-tempered and Master Rank versions of some existing monsters. May will bring yet another major title update that will see the return of some fan-favorite monsters.

Iceborne Roadmap PC and Console