How to kick players from your hunter party in Monster Hunter: World


Some players in Monster Hunter: World are annoying.

Picture this: You’ve sent out an SOS signal for one of the elder dragons and a host of players join to give you backup. You’re delighted to see them help out, but five minutes after you join, they’re nowhere to be seen.

Some players are running around the map aimlessly collecting resources, while others are simply idle in camp and waiting for you to beat the monster to gain resources by doing no work. Frankly, none of these guys deserve to be filling one of the four limited spots in the hunt—so what can you do? Kick them from the hunter party, of course.

While it isn’t exactly easy to find and do, you can kick hunters in Monster Hunter: World if you feel they’re being an annoyance or doing nothing to help your quest. You’ll need to find a safe space away from any danger, however, since there’s a bit of menu navigation needed to pull it off.

Open up the menu, find the player list in one of the sub menus, select the player you want to kick, and then click the kick button to remove hunters from your party.

Although it sounds easy, you’d be surprised how few people know that they can do this. The menu isn’t the best in the world and it can be confusing to navigate at times. Hopefully this function will help anyone who struggles with annoying players so they can clean up their hunter parties.