How to Find MHW Research Points and Grinding Spots Guide


Research Points are used for a variety of tools and tasks in Monster Hunter: World. Players can spend the points on items or upgrades to get better armor and weapons.

One of Monster Hunter: World’s hardest achievements is to collect over 100,000 Research Points at one time, so knowing how to acquire a bunch of them is vital to getting the platinum trophy on PlayStation 4.

There are multiple ways to get Research Points just by playing the game. When you track and find a monster, cut off its parts, and slay or capture a monster at the end of the quest. You’ll be rewarded with a set amount of Research Points right away. Catching bugs and species with your net also gives you some Research Points for every capture.

These methods, however, only give you a small amount of points. Certain items, like a Rathalos Plate at the meld shop, can cost several hundred points, so knowing where and how to farm Research Points is vital for success in High Rank quests.

The Research Center

The Research Center, located in Astera, has a bunch of missions and quests that players can complete in order to get large amounts of Research Points. The harder the mission, the more points you’ll get, so be sure to take on as many as you can.

Wildspire Waste Rathian grinding spot

One of the most ideal grinding spots discovered in the game is in Wildspire Wastes, but the best way to grind out these points is through a mission.

You’ll need to start the hunter rank five quest to hunt a Rathian. This should take you to Wildspire Wastes. You’ll also want to spawn at the camp in Area 11.

You’ll then want to head toward the Rathian Nest and pick up an egg. Quickly return to where you came from and head back to the camp to deliver the egg. The goal is to repeat this as much as possible and rack up a bunch of Research Points before the quest’s timer hits zero

The main reason why you should do a mission is because eggs only spawn a set amount of times in an expedition. Eggs are infinite in missions, which will give you plenty of time and resources to grind.