Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Monster Bone + (Plus)


Monster Hunter: World comes with some pretty cool gear. Everything from fancy feathery outfits to hardened steel armor sets. We’ve already told you how to upgrade armor and equipment, but sometimes the materials required to upgrade or forge new items can be hard to come by. Most armor is based on one of the many monsters in the game, but some materials are more generic, such as the Monster Bone + material.

Where to Find Moster Bone +

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find Monster Bone + (Plus)Unlike several other bone related materials, such as the Warped Bone, the Monster Bone + material is not found in Bone Piles. This makes it more difficult to obtain, as you cannot simply traverse the map and try your luck at collecting it off the ground.

Instead, you will have to fight for it. That’s right, Monster Bone + is obtained from some the toughest, and largest, monsters in Monster Hunter: World. Hopefully you’ll be fairly adept at hunting and killing by the time you require the Monster Bone + material to upgrade or forge your new armor sets.

Let’s have a look at what monsters have a chance to drop Monster Bone +.

Rathalos – Ancient Forest

Rathalos is the prime predator in the Ancient Forest region. You’ll be able to find it roaming the map, or in its nest atop the trees near the third campsite in section 17. This is no easy fight, but then again, Monster Bone + is a very desirable item to have, so buckle up and dig in!

Diablos – Wasteland Spire

Taking it up another notch, Diablos is the biggest and baddest thing to be found in the Wasteland Spire. You can often find it beating the crap out of other monsters, or taking a nap in its cave.

Legiana – Coral Highlands

Legiana is, you guessed it, one of the toughest challenges in the Coral Highlands. Are you seeing the pattern yet? Yes, in order to get Monster Bone +, you better get used to taking on the cream of the crop in the monster world.

Odogaron – Rotten Vale

Finally, this lovely looking monster will also drop Monster Bone +, if you’re lucky and still alive. You’ll find it roaming the Rotten Vale, being all proud of looking that ugly.

Good luck on your search for Monster Bone +, hunters! If you’re looking for more help, advice, or where to find others of the many available crafting materials, check out our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.