Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Hardbone


Okay, I get it. There are lots of bones to find in Monster Hunter: World. But, the most useful ones aren’t the easy ones that can just be picked up off the ground. Getting Monster Bone + involves some pretty serious efforts against some tough monsters. What are the chances that it’ll get easier with the rarity 6 crafting material Hardbone? Not great.

Where to Find Hardbone

Monster Hunter: World - Where to Find HardboneSimilarly to Monster Bone +, and unlike several other bone related materials, such as the Warped Bone, the Hardbone material is not found in Bone Piles. This makes it more difficult to obtain, as you cannot simply traverse the map and try your luck at collecting it off the ground.

Instead, you will have to fight for it. Hardbone will only drop from some very tough customers, and we’re here to tell you which ones you should take on.

Uragaan – Elder’s Recess

This Jay Leno impersonator resides in the Elder’s Recess region and can be easily identified by its prominent chin. After giving it a whole bunch of chin music – get it? – you might obtain some Hardbone from its carcass.

Black Diablos – Wasteland Spire

Fighting a regular Diablos in Wasteland Spire was strain enough on my controller and poor thumbs, but the Black Diablos poses an even greater challenge. But, if you want that Hardbone, this is who you have to take on.

Good luck on your search for Hardbone, hunters! If you’re looking for more help, advice, or where to find the many available crafting materials, check out our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.