NBA 2K22: How to get the BMX bike in The City

Get a new ride.

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In The City, players can ride around the town using a number of different modes of transportation. No, you can’t drive a car, but you can get around using a skateboard or a BMX bike. BMX bikes are not only a mode of transportation in NBA 2K22, but you also might need one in order to compete in the Race of the Week. Each week, you can talk to Pres, one of the game’s NPCs, and ask to participate in that week’s racing event. Some weeks may not require a BMX bike in order to participate, but in others, you will need one.

So, how do you get a BMX bike in NBA 2K22? Let’s go over what you need to know.

To get the BMX bike, you will first want to head to the mall in The City. The mall can be found in the western part of the City, right near the center. Once you have arrived at the mall, you will want to look for the Wheels store.

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After you have entered the Wheels store, you can choose to purchase either inline skates or a BMX bike. However, the BMX bike won’t be cheap. You will need to spend at least 65,000 VC in order to buy a bike. The total price will depend on the style of bike you purchase.

VC can be obtained in a variety of different ways, and if you need help obtaining it, we have something that could help you out.

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