How to earn VC quickly in NBA 2K22

Some tips on how to get that all-valuable currency.

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VC, or Virtual Currency, is a hot commodity in NBA 2K22. VC is needed for various things, such as upgraded MyPlayer attributes, buying dribble and dunk animations, and for customizing your in-game avatar. Additionally, VC can be used to buy MyTeam packs. It can be hard to get VC, especially without spending real money, but we have a couple of tips that can help get you some VC fast and efficient. Let’s go over our tips.

Grind through MyCareer

Arguably the easiest way to get VC in large quantities is through MyCareer. In MyCareer, users can get VC for each basket, rebound, steal, block, and assist is recorded. Additionally, we should note that once in the G League or NBA, you will receive a base VC salary. The starting salary will depend on your draft position. For example, you will receive around 500 VC per game if drafted at the end of the 1st Round, and over 700 if selected #1 overall.

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Additionally, you can also get VC through endorsements, but you’ll need to talk to your agent about those.

Play in The City

The City is going to be very important for acquiring VC. The City is filled with quests, each of which usually comes with a VC reward. Not all of them will have a VC reward, but you will need to plenty of these for endorsements, as well as to get some sweet rewards.

Simulate in MyGM and MyNBA

We;ve noted in the past that you can get VC through MyGM and MyNBA, and that’s the case in NBA 2K22. Here’s how you can get some cheap and easy VC.

When attempting to simulate a game, click A/X on that date, and select Play Game. Before the game starts, pause and scroll down. Then, select the Simcast Live option. Here, you will watch the simulation of the game and the movements of the players on the court, and if you want to speed up the sim, just move up the Simulate Speed up by moving the right stick to the right. Every game will net you about 150 VC per game, so you can rack up about 1,000 VC in a very short period of time.

Look out for Locker Codes

Lastly, be on the lookout for Locker Codes. Most of the codes that are released by 2K are usually MyTeam-related, but every now and then, the NBA 2K team could throw in a little surprise. Keep your eye on the 2K social account, plus our site for updated Locker Code info.