NBA 2K22: Should you go to college or the G League in MyCareer?

School, or the pros?

Image via 2K Sports

Should you go to college? It’s not just something that high school students need to consider, but also NBA 2K22 players. 2K22 offers MyCareer players a couple of different options before heading to the NBA, as users can either go to the NCAA, the G League, or decide to do both. What should you do? Let’s go over the perks of going to each, plus some of our thoughts on the process.

Should you go to college or the G League in MyCareer?

Here are the perks for each option:

G League

  • Earn permanent 5% MyPoints accelerator to speed up process of upgrading your MyPlayer
  • Pursue endorsement opportunities on off days to earn VC and start building your Personal Brand
  • Prepare yourself for the league by playing against NBA-caliber talent
  • Meet the press to take control of your narrative and practice your interviewing skills

College (NCAA)

  • Jump directly into the single-elimination tournament (March Madness) and earn additional badge points by winning the national championship
  • Gain more fans by playing on a national stage and proving you’re a top prospect
  • Earn attribute boosts for the tournament by attending practices that teach you key skills in your build
  • Maintain amateur status, allowing you to sign with the G League after college (you can’t attend college after going to the G)

Our recommendation

It’s a tough call, as both do offer some quality perks. If you want VC and to earn MyPoints fast, the G League is for you. On the other hand, college can be a great way for you to to grind for progress towards badges, as well as for building that brand.

It’s also worth pointing out that you can’t go to college if you join the G League right away, You can, however, go to the G League if you choose college. So, you might want to try the university route at first, and then transition to the G to get that MyPoints accelerator.

The choice is ultimately up to you. But, you will need to weight the benefits of each, and figure out what you want out of your pre-NBA experience before becoming a pro.