NBA 2K24: Full Season 1 Rewards List – Pro Pass & Hall of Fame Pass Explained

Learn how to start NBA 2K24 on the right foot and collect up to 120 different rewards.

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This year is a paradigm shift in NBA 2K24. For the first time ever, MyTeam and MyCareer have a combined XP reward path. Not only that, but there’s also a paid rewards track on top of the base rewards. We’re here to make sure you understand every reward and where it comes from.

From VC, XP coins, and cosmetic rewards, the Season Pass for NBA 2K24 has a range of different rewards on offer. Here’s a list of all of the rewards you can get in Season 1 for NBA 2K24.

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NBA 2K24 Season One Reward List

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The NBA 2K24 season 1 pass has over 100 rewards to unlock across the basic and premium tier. Keep in mind that Season 1 of NBA 2K24 ends on Friday, October 20.

LevelMyTeam RewardMyCareer RewardVIP Reward
1Free Agent (95) Lebron James cardSeason 1 TeeSeason 1 Starter Pack
230 min Double XP CoinSeason 1 Ball2,500 VC
32 MyTeam tokens30 min Double XP Coin30 5 Game Skill Boosts
42 Ascension picksWaves Shot Meter5 Ascension picks
5‘24 NBA Series 1 packAnchor Player Indicator2,500 VC
61 Hour Double XP CoinBuckets Perfect Release AnimationMichael Jordan Player Banner
7Season 1 Ball and UniformMilwaukee Bucks & Jaylen Brown Banners 2 1 Hour Double MyTeam XP
8Gold Prize Ball+1 Close Shot Accessory2,500 VC
93 Ascension picksScholar C Tier Badge Perk15 5-Game Gatorade Boosts
10Emerald Kevin GarnetBeach Collection Flip FlopsDiamond Shoe+Badge Pack
11Gold Shoe Boost Option pack1 Hour Double XP Coin2,500 VC
123 MyTeam tokenMiami Heat & Utah Jazz Banners2 1 Hour Double XP Coin
131 Hour XP CoinSeason 1 Emote Pack 17 Ascension picks
144 Ascension picksAtom Player Indicator2,500 VC
15Emerald Jordan Clarkson MyTeam cardSeason 1 Ball TrailBeach Collection Rashguard Top
16Emerald Prize Ball+1 Block Boosted Accessory2 1 Hour Double XP Coins
17Gold Shoe Boost Option PackTim Duncan & Jimmy Butler Banners2,500
181 Hour Double XP CoinScholar Teir-B Badge Perk30 5-game Skill Boosts
195  Ascension picks1 Hour Double XP CoinHall of Fame Bage Option Pack
20Saphire Vlade DivacLight Up Electric Skateboard2,500 VC
21Diamond Shoe Ball DropSilver Floor Setter2 1 Hour MyCareer Double XP Coin
22Saphire Prize BallSeason 1 Emote Pack #22 1 Hour MyTeam Double XP Coin
23Gold Shoe Boost Option Pack+1 Mid Range Boosted Accessory2,500 VC
246  Ascension picks60 10 Game Skill Boosts30 10 Game Gatorade Boosts
25Ruby Bradley BealGolden Patch Hairstyle5,000 MT Tokens
261 Hour Double XP CoinKevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony Player Banners2,500 VC
27Ruby Prize Ball1 Hour Double XP coin2  1 Hour MyCareer Double XP Coin
285 MyTeam tokensBeach Collection Snorkel Mask8  Ascension picks
297 Ascension picksScholar A-Tier Badge Perk2,500 VC
302023 All-Star Wheel SpinWearable Mascot Costume30 MyCareer Skill Boosts
311 Hour Double XP CoinSeason 1 Emote Pack 3Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack
328 Ascension picksLebron James & Nikola Jokic Player Banners5000 VC
33Amethyst Coach Phil Jackson card30 10 Game Gatorade Boosts6 30 Min MyCareer Double XP Coins
34Amethyst Prize Ball1 Hour Double XP Coin6 30 Min MyTeam Double XP Coins
35Amethyst Magic JohnsonSeason 1 Snakeskin Suit5,000 VC
3610 Ascension picksOveralls OutfitKobe Jersey Set
372 Hour Double XP Coin2 Hour Double XP Coin15,000 MT points
38Hall of Fame Badge Option PackScholar S-Tier Badge Perk10,000 VC
3925,000 MT pointsPogo StickGlow-in-the Dark Pogo Stick
40Diamond Kyrie IrvingGold Floor SetterPro Pass Kyrie Irving

Pro Pass & Hall of Fame Pass in NBA 2K24

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Aside from the basic free tier in the NBA 2K24 season pass, you also have the option to purchase the Pro Pass or Hall of Fame Pass. The Pro Pass offers access to the premium reward track which contains an additional 40 rewards. While the Hall of Fame Pass provides everything in the Pro Pass, along with a 15% XP booster for the entire season, 10 level skips for the season reward track, and one additional reward.

You can check your progress in the Season Rewards menu. At the end of each season the progression is reset, which for Season 1 will be Friday, October 20.

How to earn Season XP in NBA 2K24

For the first time ever, XP is not earned by completing objectives or missions, but rather through gameplay. This is done by playing all of the different modes in the MyCareer Park and The REC, as well as the entirety of MyTeam.

The important note here is that while NBA games are very useful for getting both VC and badge progress, you cannot earn season XP in NBA games. Because of this, it’s our recommendation that if you want to reach level 40 each season, you focus on MyTeam when playing alone, as it will always net you a reward. Keep in mind that when you use Double XP Coins, they run in real-time, so make sure you stay locked into your games and don’t focus too much on menus when that time is ticking away.