NBA 2K24: How to Unlock Floor Setters

Find out how to stop badge regression with this handy guide.

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One of the biggest changes in NBA 2K24 is the fact that in MyCareer, your player’s badges can now regress. That feeling can be quite deflating, so 2K has also added a mechanic to make sure your badges stay above a certain level. We’re going to go over what Floor Setters are, how they unlock, and which badges you should use them for.

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How do you unlock Floor Setters in NBA 2K?

There are two levels of Floor Setters in NBA 2K24. The silver floor setters will make sure your badges cannot regress below the silver badge level. The silver Floor Setter is unlocked in the Season 1 Battle Pass at level 20. The gold Floor Setter, which unlocks at level 40 in the Battle Pass, does the same thing as the silver version: it stops a badge from being able to drop below gold. At the time of publication, the Battle Pass is the only way to acquire Floor Setters, and we are currently unsure if extras will be given out in future seasons. 2K’s intention is to give you one gold and one silver floor setter each season.

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What badges should you use your Floor Setters on?

In NBA 2K24, MyCareer badge progression has been turned upside down. You have to adopt a “use it or lose it” mentality. If you have a ton of badges related to 3-point shooting but don’t shoot 3-pointers for a whole game, your badges will go down. It’s important to use your floor setters on badges you need to keep at a high level. This will depend entirely on your build and playstyle, but a good starting point is to focus on the badges that you have trouble getting to show up in games. Also, keep in mind that badges that deal with fouls and free throws don’t need to be floor set if you intend on spending most of your time in the Park.