New Legendary Weapons in Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC

Things of legend.

Screengrab via Gearbox

Borderlands 3 is packed full of Legendary weapons, and the new Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC is no different. There are 27 new legendary weapons, shields, class items, and artifacts to track down. 

As always, they are well spread out in the game, showing up in different areas, from different enemies, and under different circumstances. Many of them are boss weapons, so prepare to grind those fights to get your hands on what you want.

The information is drawn from a document that the Borderlands community has been maintaining since the game launched. If Gearbox thought they could make enough guns to sneak a few past this dedicated bunch, they were wrong.

TypeNameDrops fromQuestLocationEffect
ARClairvoyanceKritchyCrew ChallengeCursehavenCritical shots stick projectiles which later explode
ARMutantFungal GorgerRare EnemyThe CankerwoodFull-Auto laser
ARSeeryul KillurKill grants increased dmg, fire rate & reduces heat. Stacks 3 times
ARSoulrenderTom & XamThe Call of GythianHeart’s DesireSends out homing purple ghosts while firing that explode on impact
ARStauros’ BurnWendigoHorror in the WoodsThe CankerwoodChance on break to combust. Combust guarantees crit & +fire dmg
PistolFrozen DevilKukuwajackCrew ChallengeNegul NeshaiContinuous laser / Ice Spike
PistolHydrafrostShiverous the UnscathedRare EnemyNegul NeshaiAfter a kill, every 2nd shot deals 200% shock/fire dmg for 6 sec
PistolLittle YeetiYetiCrew ChallengeSkittermaw BasinMultiple projectiles. Chance to knockback enemies
PistolLove DrillEleanor of the HeartThe Call of GythianHeart’s Desire20% chance to deal double dmg as shock dmg
PistolSeventh SenseQuest RewardCC: Forgotten AnswersThe CankerwoodReloading causes all spawned projectiles to hit the original target
ShieldOld God15% chance to drop 15% hp charge or 10% dmg reduction charge
ShieldTorchSpawns fireballs around player on depletion that deal 10195 dmg (lvl 57)
ShieldVoid RiftEmpowered ScholarCase of WainwrightDustbound ArchivesFires homing spikes at enemies when taking bullet dmg
ShotgunAnarchyAuto-reload/kill grants +30% dmg & reduces accuracy. Max 10 stacks.
ShotgunFlama DiddleReload shoots twice before exploding on impact. Bullets ricochet once
ShotgunInsiderNo charge time. Shots penetrate enemies
ShotgunNothingnessGmorkCrew ChallengeThe CankerwoodCharged shot for several consecutive explosions (similar to the Flakker)
ShotgunShockerVoltbornRare EnemyNegul NeshaiShock orb that splits into 3 orbs horizontally
SMGOldridianSwitches element on reload. Wpn shield reduces elemental dmg 20%
SMGSF ForceDJ SpinsmouthSinister SoundsSkittermaw BasinShoots musical notes of both elements
SniperCocky Bastard
SniperSkullmasherx5 projectiles per shot. Extremely fast fire rate
SniperUnseen ThreatAmachRare EnemyCursehavenCrit ricochets 3 homing projectiles
Class ModStoneWhen hurt, +10% chance to gain Rush stack. +3% dmg reduction/stack
Class ModTr4iner25% chance for pet to confuse enemy for 20 sec instead of kill
Class ModFleek SapperGain up to 12% Life Steal.
Class ModConductorGain up to 25% bonus shock dmg based on remaining AS duration
ArtifactLunacyEmpowered GrawnMountain of MayhemNegul NeshaiDouble your shield’s capacity but greatly increases recharge delay
ArtifactThe Pearl of Ineffable KnowledgeQuest RewardThe Call of GythianThe LodgeConsec. hits grant +1% dmg per hit up to 15 times. At max add +20%

There are quite a few solid new items in this DLC, but the two Artifacts will be standouts, no matter your build. Either much more tank ability, or much more damage for your guns, solid choices. I actually got quite a few of these on my first playthrough, so the drops don’t seem to be hugely rare, so it shouldn’t take all that long to farm up the bits that you want.

We will keep the above table updated as more information is discovered about these new items.