How does Weapon Mastery work in New World?

Your weapon of choice.

Weapon Mastery is a combat system in New World. It’s something that you’ll want to consider as you progress since it determines how you’ll level up the different weapon types in the game. Here’s our guide to help you with the Weapon Mastery leveling and skill point mechanics in New World.

The first concept you’ll want to take note of when it comes to Weapon Mastery in New World is that it’s akin to leveling proficiencies (think Skyrim). The more you use a specific weapon type, the more mastery XP you’ll earn. In turn, you’ll obtain skill points that unlock weapon-specific abilities and passives.

As an aside, each weapon type in New World has two talent tree specializations (or specs), and a total of 38 perks that can be unlocked. However, because Weapon Mastery for each armament is capped up to level 20 only, you’ll need to be mindful of the points you’d assign. You certainly won’t be able to unlock everything.

Another facet to consider is the weapon combination that your character has equipped. Yes, you could simply focus on the Bow or the Life Staff, one weapon at a time, to maximize your Weapon Mastery XP gains. But, this can also be detrimental at certain points, such as getting surrounded by enemies or running of mana constantly. But, if you swap weapons often, you can manage your mana and stamina pool more efficiently.

Let’s say you took out three-quarters of the enemy’s HP with your Rapier, only switching to the Bow to finish off your opponent. In this situation, the Weapon Mastery XP is divided accordingly. You earn more XP for the Rapier and only a fraction for the Bow.