NHL 23: How to qualify for HUT Champions

Who wants to be a Champion?

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Over the past few years, EA Sports NHL’s competitive scene has flocked to HUT Champions, the equivalent to the concept formerly known as Weekend League and that is present in both the FIFA and Madden ecosystems. In HUT Champions, players can enter and play a set number of games each week against qualified opponents from the around. The word qualified is key, as HUT players must qualify in order to be eligible for the weekly event. So, how can you qualify for HUT Champions in NHL 23? Let’s take a look.

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How to qualify for HUT Champions

Much like in NHL 22, players will need to obtain 2,000 points towards HUT Champions in order to qualify. Points can mainly be acquired by participating in HUT Rivals game. These points can come by way of weekly bonuses, points that are acquired after each game, and win streak and cumulative win rewards that are new to Rivals for NHL 23.

The amount of points that you will get will be based on a number of factors. These factors include your Division placement, how many Rivals games you play in each week, and what rank you finish at the end of the Rivals week. Just to point out, HUT Rivals re-sets for the week every Tuesday at 5 PM ET.

After you have hit the 2,000 Points mark, you will need to go to the HUT Champions menu and reserve your place for the weekend. Select the HUT Champions tab in the Online portion of HUT, and follow the prompts. Keep in mind that when you cash in the points for a weekend, you can’t reuse those for a different event.

HUT Champions this year runs every week from Wednesday, through the end of Sunday. If you plan on playing HUT Champions a lot, remember that it opens up earlier for NHL 23.