NHL 23: What are player archetypes in Be a Pro?

Find the best playstyle for your Pro and takeover the NHL.

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Be A Pro modes have become a staple of modern sports games. That’s no different in NHL 23, where each of the players on the ice has a bucket of playstyles called player archetypes. We’re going to break down every archetype in NHL 23 and give you recommendations based on position.

Forward Archetypes

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These archetypes can be applied to any of the three positions in the front of the ice: the Center, and the Left and Right-Wingmen. Here’s a breakdown of all of the archetypes available to forwards.

  • Sniper: Shoot first and ask questions later. Snipers begin their career with high speed to get over the blue line first and high accuracy and power for both shot types. However, they struggle to regain the puck after losing it. Use this if you enjoy taking a high volume of shots.
  • Playmaker: Playmakers want to feed other people the puck, they begin their career with excellent passing and puck control to make sure they can hold the puck as long as possible. However, they lose the ability to be aggressive without the puck and are going to lose almost any fight they get into. Use this if you don’t want the pressure of nailing the shot yourself but still want to be part of a high-powered offense.
  • Power: Power forwards prefer to knock the puck away with strength, they also have very good puck control to keep the puck even through very tough defenders. Use this if you enjoy bullying people out of the way and still getting a point or two in the process.
  • Two-way: Two ways speak to a more traditional type of player. These players are jacks of all trades but masters of none. They have a very high awareness and a good stick-checking stat, making them easier to play in the neutral zone and push forward or save a last-second shot. Use this if you enjoy stick-checking the puck more than body-checking.
  • Grinder: Grinders are the plays most willing to throw themselves into the middle of the play. They have high shot blocking body checking but also powerful stick checking, they have issues deeking so be careful to be selective with your shots.
  • Enforcer: The enforcer’s main goal is to use their fighting skills to energize the team, they have impressive checking and balance to help you stay on your feet, but offer little offensive production use this if you insist on doing nothing but checking the opposing team all game and not much else.

Defensemen Archetypes

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While these Archetypes may seem similar stat-wise, they have entirely different X-factor abilities and on-ice responsibilities, so keep this in mind when deciding between forward and defensemen.

  • Defensive: A safe and standard defenseman, with high shot blocking and good awareness to stay in front of the play, but awful at handling the puck in the offensive zone. Use this if you’re just starting out on defense and want to feel safe.
  • Offensive: Good at getting the puck out with superb passing, and just enough skill to maybe get the shot on the rebound, these defensemen want to set up plays rather than body check all game. Use this if you enjoy starting the offense and still want control of the puck by getting in the way.
  • Enforcer: As discussed above Enforcers check and fight. Use this if you love being a pest, and powering up your team’s energy via fighting.
  • Two Way: As discussed above, this is your middle ground option and best option if you enjoy stick checking. But it’s not a good build if you enjoy fighting.

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Goalie Archetypes

While goalies are still an afterthought compared to skaters in Be a Pro, they do still have their own styles to choose from.

  • Stand up: Stand goalies and more likely to use their stick and glove to keep the puck away as opposed to falling on it. A Standup goalie will struggle against messy play especially if you can force the puck low. The standing goalie can also cover the tight post angles well.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid is the Two Way of goalies. This is a good starting point if you are new to hockey and insist on playing goalie.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly goalies are willing to fall on everything, often committed to stopping five-hole shots and never standing up, they can be susceptible to knowing Snipers able to hit the high corners. Use this if you enjoy stopping goals in the slot.