No Man’s Sky: Multi-tool 24 Slot Farming Guide

Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky is a hand-held multipurpose tool gun that player uses to Mining and Scanner purpose. The Multi-Tool comes with five slots from the start and can be expanded to a maximum of 24. This article is all about the trick to expand the Multi-tool Slot to the maximum in no time.

Multi-tool 24 Slot Farming Guide

Multi-tool 24 Slot Farming

The explorer uses the Multi-Tools’s fire beam to break the items likes Plants, animals and rocks down to get Carbon, small rocks will provide Iron, big Rocks give rare Emeril and Heridium and so on. Upgrading Multi-Tool can be a time-consuming part as you can obtain it my talking to various NPC’s that offer an upgrade or find an outpost that has one mounted on the wall. So here is the easiest trick to farm the Slots early and in no time.

All you need to do is stick to one System which should not be a Gek as they hardly provide the Multi-Tool Upgrades and Spawn. On Every Planet you visit will have two types of Multi-Tool upgrades -One which is with Max slot Tool and other will be below your current upgrade. These Multi-Tools are the same(Name Slot, System, Model and Colour) which are for sale from the traders at the Space Station.

Note: You need to have a Good Amount of Units to Buy and Upgrade your Multi-Tools

On Every planet look for a place with a single Landing pad then land your StarShip and get inside the Building. Look on your Right and search for the Red Box on the Wall which will guarantee you the Multi-Tool Upgrade. AS mentioned earlier, it can be more or less slot. Go ahead and fly to the next Single Landing Pad(on the same planet), land and check the Red Box inside the building.

Repeat the process on different planets and Upgrade your Slots. Similarly, we have StarShip Upgrades for 48 Slots. If you want to know more about tips, trick and cheats then do visit our No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide.