No Man’s Sky – Multi-tool 24 Slot Farming Guide

Pick up the best Multi-Tool in the game.

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Your Multi-Tool is a core part of the No Man’s Sky experience. Without it, you can’t mine, you can shoot, and you certainly can’t scan. As you progress through your journey, you’ll come across expansion slots and upgrades for the Multi-Tool that are worth your while because they enhance your Traveller and your ability to do more without swapping between ship inventories. This Multi-Tool 24 slot farming guide will help you acquire a larger Multi-Tool using any means necessary.

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Multi-Tool 24 Slot farming

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The following sections outline the methods you can use to farm for 24 Slot Multi-Tools in No Man’s Sky. Of course, some are more effective than others, so we’ve ordered them from best at the top to worst at the bottom in terms of how quickly they’ll net you the Multi-Tool you’re after.

Earn one in an Expedition

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Expeditions are the easiest way to get a 24 Slot Multi-Tool. You won’t start the game with one, but by completing more Milestones and Phases, you’ll unlock Expansion Slots for your Multi-Tool as a reward. By using these, you’ll push your Multi-Tool to the limit, eventually owning one with 24 Slots by the time you’ve completed the Expedition. However, there aren’t always Expeditions happening in No Man’s Sky, so you’ll need to wait until one starts so you can jump in, finish it, and walk away with a save file that has the power to give you a 24 Slot Multi-Tool.

Upgrade your own over time

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If you don’t want to spend hours searching for a 24 Slot Multi-Tool, you’ll need to build one over time. This is entirely possible because you can purchase upgrade slots from vendors and the Anomaly each time you visit. It might take a while, but this is the most organic way to expand your Multi-tool and end up with 24 Slots.

Find one in the game world

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It’s incredibly rare to find a 24 Slot Multi-Tool lying around in a building on a planet, with a vendor, or a random NPC you meet in a space station. However, it can happen. With this in mind, you should land and check out every building you stumble across and chat to every alien you encounter. While it might take you an incredibly long time to find one offering a 24 Slot Multi-Tool, it will eventually happen. The only issue you might come up against is having the money to buy such a Multi-Tool since it’s going to be one of the best in the game.