Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas and royal jellies in the Funicular

Delve into the Funicular and get your platinum badges.

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Oddworld: Soulstorm provides players with tons of optional objectives to complete as they play through each level. These objectives change from level to level, but two stay consistent. To finish everything up, you’ll need to find all of both the secret areas and royal jellies. If you need some help finding some of the peskier locations, give our guide a look.

How to get all royal jellies in the Funicular

For the most part, you’re going to find all of the jellies through normal gameplay. It’s tough to miss their trademark glow as you move through each level. That said, the toughest ones to find are, fortunately, located in secret areas. So, if you follow the guide below, you should be able to find them all.

Secret area #1

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You’ll find the first secret location inside of the first mine you go inside. It’s tough to see in here, but, as you can see in the screenshot above, you’re looking for an open floor just to the left of the checkpoint halfway through the mine. Simply drop down and the hidden area is yours.

Secret area #2

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To find the second secret area, you need to make a quick deviation from your normal path. Early in the level, you’ll find a lift that can go up or down. Going up continues the level, but if you ride it to the bottom you’ll find the fifth secret area. Make sure to hit the button here as it opens up something you need later.

Secret area #3

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Take that elevator back up to the top and prepare to run away from an out-of-control buzzsaw. Once the saw drops to the canyon below, turn back around and hop across the platforms until you find one that doesn’t have spikes at the bottom. Instead, you’ll be greeted by friendly jelly and the third hidden location.

Secret area #4

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Now, you can move forward, but don’t go too far. Just after the buzzsaw’s final resting place, you’ll have another mine to enter. Before you head inside, keep going left and jump down. Here, you’ll find yet another mine that is the fourth secret area.

Secret area #5

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Once you’ve gathered up all your Mudokon friends, you’ll be back where you first learned about the antidote you’ve concocted. The game wants you to progress by taking a ride on the heavy machinery to the next area. Instead, you actually need to head back to the very start before leaving. Here, you’ll notice a big gap that you can jump to the bottom of. If you gave this place a look at the start of the level, it was locked off. However, it’s now open thanks to you flipping the switch back in another hidden location.

Secret area #6

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Once you’ve taken that ride we talked about above, you’ll be spat out in a new location. Head all the way to the left to find a few more Mukodons to save, as well as the new secret area in the image above.

Secret area #7

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Once you’ve wrapped up the previous secret area, head to the right. This is the path you need to take to finish the level, but there’s a few more things to do. You’ll notice the billboard in the screenshot above. Make sure to head under the platform and look behind that metal siding. It’s doing a poor job of concealing the seventh hidden location.

Secret area #8

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The final location is just after the previous one. You’ll see a bird transporter that you can use to save your Mukodons. Right after, you need to jump onto the hidden ledge you can see in the image above. It’s tough to spot at first, so make sure you look around a bit to pinpoint your jump. Once you’re through, just follow the path to the end and find the last secret location.

The Funicular is chock full of things to discover. Make sure to explore each hidden location fully if you want to find everything.