Official Roblox Crusaders Heaven Trello and Discord links

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There is no better feeling than knowing that the developers care about their game and that they are fully transparent with their community. Roblox Crusaders Heaven has a special community Discord server and a Trello board where the developers share all the details regarding updates, game lore, and showcase all the information fans might be looking for. From skins to bosses and NPCs, you will find all you need provided by the developers and fans alike. If you want to be thoroughly updated on everything that happens in Roblox Crusaders Heaven, then you will need to join their Discord and Trello using the links we have listed below.

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Official Roblox Jojo Crusaders Heaven Discord link

To join the official Roblox Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven Discord server, you will just have to press the earlier link and select to open Discord. To actually access all the information on the server, you will need to first complete a verification using Bloxlink. You can find all the necessary instructions in the “verify-instructions” channel on the Discord server.

Bloxlink is a safe-to-use platform that will verify you are a real Roblox player and works for more Discord servers than just the one for Crusaders’ Heaven.

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Official Roblox Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello link

You don’t need to meet any special requirements to join the official Roblox Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven Trello board. Just press the link and you will find all the information you will ever need to know about the game. Some of the game’s staff are working day and night to keep the Trello board updated with all the latest news regarding the game.

Players can find explanations here about the game’s backstory and lore, tutorials for some of the main mechanics, stats for all the main stands, and basic info about NPCs and bosses. Any type of guides you might need for Roblox Crusaders’ Heaven can be found on this Trello board.