Is Roblox down? How to check the Roblox server status

How are the servers looking?

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Roblox has hundreds of games for you to play, and finding the right one for you to try out can sometimes be overwhelming. If you want to try out any games at all, the servers need to be online. If the servers are down, you won’t be able to access any of them.

Here’s what you need to know about checking the Roblox servers and their status, along with any other information you’re going to need to wait out for the games to return.

How to Check the Roblox Server Status

If you are trying to access the servers today, May 15, 2023, then yes, they are currently down. The Roblox team has issued a tweet stating that they are aware of the issues and are working to resolve them as soon as possible.

An excellent website for you to visit is the Roblox server status website. This website shows all the servers’ general health and gives you a good idea of how the servers are doing. Plus, the development team will post directly to this page to provide updates to players who are actively trying to see if the team knows what’s going on or if they’re still investigating. You’ll be able to see the server status of the most recent information and the 30-day history for Roblox.

There’s also a Twitter page called Roblox Status that follows the updates for the Roblox team but is not associated with them. If you’re looking for more official coverage from the Roblox team, you can follow their Twitter page to see if the developers working on server issues have made an official statement.

Those are the three best ways to investigate Roblox server issues. If everything looks fine on the Roblox server status page, the problem might be on your side when attempting to connect to the servers. More often than not it’s going to be because the servers are down by the developers, and the team is running into problems on their side. There’s little you can do but wait it out, and see when the servers return.