Does Outer Worlds have Coop or Multiplayer?


Later this week, we’re going to get the chance to launch into Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment’s next RPG experience. It’s a science-fiction take on what they did for their entry in the Fallout series, which was Fallout: New Vegas. Fans are excited to check it out. When it does launch, are players going to get the chance to run through the game with their friends or to check out some multiplayer features?

Does Outer Worlds have Coop or Multiplayer?

For many who have been keeping up with the game since it first got announced, chances are you were expecting the type of answer Obsidian is going to have for Outer Worlds. At this time, it does not look like it’s going to feature any form of Coop or multiplayer in their game. You won’t be able to compare any leaderboards or to see who has the highest score in a mission or anything like that. Outer Worlds is going to focus solely on the single-player experience and the RPG elements of the game.

However, players are going to get their chance to take a few companions with them they encounter along the way. Players are going to have to complete missions for them in the game, and when they do, gaining enough influence with them at the same time, they’ll choose to join in on the fun. They are customizable, so a character can use them to fit a particular role they’re missing out on during the campaign. A player can also bring more than one companion with them, granting the opportunity to pick and choose useful abilities.

Each companion has a series of perks associated with them, and up to three different skills and abilities. They even level up similar to a player, meaning if there’s a particular companion that works with a character, they’re going to stick around and help out quite a bit more. Luckily, they cannot wholly leave a player’s party unless prompted to do so, but they can stop fighting if they disprove of a particular action or choice.

We only know of three companions so far: Ellie, Felix, and Parvati. You cannot romance them because Obsidian felt they would limiting the variety of choices a player would want to go if they included a romantic option.

The Outer Worlds releases extremely soon on Oct. 25 for the Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and the PC through the Epic Games Store.