The Outer Worlds – Doom That Came To Roseway – Covert Lab Security Keycard Location


Edgewater isn’t the only part to Terra 2 that you will be exploring in The Outer Worlds. During the game, you will also learn about Roseway and will need to complete some missions there. During the mission Doom That Came To Roseway, you will need to explore a covert lab. While doing so, you will run into Cassandra, a character who has gotten herself trapped in a cell.

She happens to have something you need, and might part with it if you help her out of her bind. To do so, you will need a keycard, and in this guide, we will show you where to find it.

The Outer Worlds – Doom That Came To Roseway – Covert Lab Security Keycard Location

Covert Lab Security Keycard Location

To find get the keycard, you need to find a specific terminal to print it from. Head to the location shown on the map above. Right beside the canteen, and Anton’s office with the blown-up safe, there will be a locked door. Hack it, and inside you will find the Porter’s Office. The terminal in there will print the keycard for you.

You will need to have talked to both Anto and Cassandra for this to work, according to reports from some players. There is another way to get the keycard, however. If you talk to Cassandra and have high enough dialogue skills, you can convince her to stop fighting with the security people at the lab, and just let them go.

If you return to the lab entrance, you can speak to the head of the security people, and convince him that he is made for better things than dying in some nameless lab. He will then pull his troops out of there, and will also give you his security keycard which will work on every door, including the one that has trapped Cassandra.

So there you go, now you know how to get the covert lab security keycard, and continue the Doom That Came To Roseway quest.

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