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Overwatch 2 Ashe guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters, and more

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The outlaw known as Ashe has remained largely untouched when making the hop from Overwatch 1. That being said, she definitely feels a bit different due to the new 5v5 formatting and extra buffs to all damage role heroes. If you value your aim and ability to land quick shots in succession, Ashe and her friendly companion B.O.B should prove to be quite deadly in the fresh Overwatch sandbox. In this guide, we will cover tips, strategies, and counters for Ashe in Overwatch 2.

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All Ashe’s Abilities

  • Passive
    • Role: Damage. Due to her status as a damage hero, Ashe’s base movement speed is increased.
  • Coach Gun (Ability 1)
    • Blast enemies in front of you and knock yourself backward.
  • Dynamite (Ability 2)
    • Throw an explosive that detonates after a short delay or immediately after getting shot.
  • B.O.B (Ultimate ability)
    • Deploy Bob. He charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then attacks with his arm cannons.
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Ashe’s powerful lever action rifle known as “The Viper” is excellent at quickly getting rid of damage and support heroes, while also putting in some good damage against tanks. Use her primary fire to shoot her weapon fast, or use her alternate fire to aim-down-sights and fire a more powerful shot.

How to play as Ashe

It is best to think of Ashe as a sniper hero who isn’t afraid to get in the middle of a fight. Her kit allows her to play well both at the center of the action or from a good distance. You should always plan to help your team initiate a fight while playing Ashe, so using her Dynamite ability to quickly cause massive damage and apply a burning status to enemies is a good idea. Doing this should make it much easier for you and your teammates to clean up kills.

Aim is essential to playing Ashe well in Overwatch 2. Just one shot from her rifle while aiming is enough to take down an enemy Tracer, so time your shots and give your team the opportunity to push or defend an objective. If you find yourself getting rushed or losing a fight, Ashe’s Coach Gun ability is an excellent get out of jail free card that can help you escape and regroup with your support. Finally, think of your ultimate B.O.B as an extra player on your team, and send him out when you need the extra help.

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Good teammates to play with Ashe

Ashe in Overwatch 2 is an excellent pick due to her high precision damage and her powerful Dynamite ability. That being said, Ashe is easily rushed down due to her weapon not being the best choice in close-quarters fights. Due to this, you will want to pair Ashe with more aggressive damage role heroes such as Tracer, Genji, Soldier: 76, or the newly introduced Sojourn to help in those “in your face” battles. You will also want to displace enemies, so Ashe has a better chance of taking them down. Tanks such as Orisa and D.Va are excellent at accomplishing this. Finally, supports like Ana and Zenyatta excel when played with Ashe due to their ability to heal from afar, allowing Ashe to take aggressive angles away from her team.

All counters and who to counter as Ashe.

While Ashe can be powerful, she can easily be dove on and taken out by a coordinated team. You’ll want to be aware of heroes such as D.Va, Genji, and Tracer, as they will make it their goal to get in your face and take you out. Also, be aware of opposing snipers such as Widowmaker as they may attempt to out snipe you in any given fight.

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As an Ashe player, you should be prioritizing getting picks on squishy support and damage heroes. Ashe can easily two-shot most 200 HP heroes in the game, so take your fights from afar and provide an opportunity for your team to get in. Be sure to almost always use your Dynamite ability against tanks as well, as the burning status will make it far more difficult to heal and stay in the fight as a tank.

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