Paleo Pines: All Dinosaurs Favorite Food & Poppins

Find out which veggies, fruits, herbs and poppins are more suitable for your dino’s tastebuds with this Paleo Pines guide.

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Paleo Pines dinosaurs aren’t just there for show. Win their hearts through music, food, and Poppins, but beware — their taste buds are finicky. When trying to feed them, you’ll find that some crave clovers while others demand carrots. Time to befriend them? Well, you better have an idea of which poppin they’ll enjoy.

Giving a dino an item they don’t like will likely result in the dino running away from you, permanently losing any friendship progress, and consuming the undesired item in the process. It’s a high-stakes game of dino-dining, where your inventory might vanish, and newfound dino-rejection fears may emerge. The best way to combat all these troublesome scenarios is with this guide to every dinosaur in Paleo Pines and their preferred food and poppin menu.

How to Get Poppins in Paleo Pines

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Head to Palio Pines’ town center to get Poppins and talk to Pippin. He has a Poppins shop, which is open every day except Mondays. The man has to take a day off to bake, understandably. You can get Poppins for dinosaurs in exchange for a bit of money.

How to Unlock Juicy Poppins in Paleo Pines

At the beginning of the game, you can only buy Crunchy Poppins. Still, as you build up a relationship with Pippin, you will unlock a conversation in which you ask Pippin for a particular order of Juicy Poppins. He agrees to bake a batch for you. As you progress through the game’s story, you will unlock the rest of the Poppins necessary to make new dino friends.

How to Get More Food in Paleo Pines

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To get food at Palio Pines, you have two options:

  • Buy veggies and fruits from Corlan’s shop in the town center
  • Grow some of Agami’s seeds on your own farm. 

If you choose the first option, you simply go to the shop open daily and get what you need. You can trade with what you have in your inventory or give Corlan a couple of coins. 

If you choose to grow on your farm, you must go to Agami’s stall in the center of Palio Pines to get seeds for a fee. Once you have the seeds, return to your farm and grow them. 

Keep in mind that weeds can grow on the crop while it’s growing. You’ll need to clean the weeds out to keep crops healthy. When the crop is ready to be harvested, save it in your inventory for your next dino friend hunt.

Paleo Pines: Dinosaur Liked Poppins & Food

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After playing a dinosaur’s favorite tune, he’ll be curious about you. Still, nobody’s ready to move in with someone just because they know how to play a song on the flute. To convince your dino-friend-to-be that you’re worth their time, you’ll need to feed them their favorite food and favorite Poppins. Once this cycle of music and dining is complete, they’ll be ready to join your ranch. Just make sure you have a pen for them.

How to Know Which Food & Poppins a Dinosaur Likes?

During the Dino befriending tutorial, Mari suggests learning which meals and Poppins a dinosaur likes is a matter of trial and error. However, here’s a trick that can help you in this endeavor.

After Yoohoo-ing a dinosaur species for the first time, bore them to sleep. Using the soothe button a couple of times will drain their emotional meter and send them into a slumber. When dinos are asleep, approach them with your book to get more information about them. Though the Dinosaur sheet doesn’t plainly state which meals and Poppins a species likes, there are a couple of hints in their description, like “fragrant” and “juicy.”

Paleo Pines: All Verdant Valley Dinosaur Favorite Foods & Poppins

AppearanceDinosaurFavourite FoodFavourite Poppin
Crunchy Poppin
StyracosaurusTomatoJuicy Poppin
PsittacosaurusBell PepperCrunchy Poppin
Juicy Poppin
PostosuchusBell Pepper
Juicy Poppin
CorythosaurusAny vegetablesFragrant Poppin
AnkylosaurusAppleCrunchy Poppin
TriceratopsStrawberryCrunchy Poppin

Paleo Pines: All Dapplewood Dinosaur Favorite Foods & Poppins

AppearanceDinosaurFavourite FoodFavourite Poppin
CentrosaurusCarrotJuicy Poppin
Fragrant Poppin
TroodonTBAJuicy Poppin
CompsognathusMushroomEarthy Poppin
Any vegetables
Juicy Poppin