Paleo Pines Dinosaur Care: How Pens, Biomes & Feeding Works

Paleo Pines dinos aren’t decor; they are living beings that need to be taken care of.

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In Paleo Pines, your dinos are more than just animals; they’re your partners in every adventure. You must attend to their needs to ensure they stay happy and become valuable helpers on your ranch. You’ll foster a strong bond and create a thriving ranch by providing them with comfortable pens, matching biomes, and nutritious meals. 

How to Craft a Pen in Paleo Pines

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Every dino needs a pen to call home. These enclosures are crafted using fences and gates. They should include essential amenities: a sleeping spot for each dino, a trough for food, and at least one gate for easy access. 

While dinos can share a pen, ensure it offers enough space to keep them content. Plus, dinos don’t like sharing pens with dinos with different dietary restrictions. Your herbivore won’t be happy around that meat-eating T-rex. 

To learn more about a dino’s space and biome requirements, consult the dino’s journal entry. You can also check the pen’s current size by inspecting the pen gate or reviewing the roster in your journal.

Paleo Pines Biomes & How They Work

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Each pen in Paleo Pines has a unique biome corresponding to a particular landscape. When you create a new pen, it defaults to the “ranch” biome, but you can switch it to match your dino’s preferred habitat: Valley, Forest, or Desert. Upgrading your Sleeping Spots with Dreamstones is another option. You’ll get three biome choices, one for each region, to tailor the environment to your dino’s liking.

A dino’s happiness is closely tied to its biome, so aim to mimic its wild environment. If that Triceratops was found in a Desert, they’d likely like a biome that looks like home. You can achieve this by decorating the pen with items representing the desired biome.

Paleo Pines: How to Feed Dinosaurs

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Failure to provide food will send your dinos on a quest for sustenance outside your ranch. Feeding your dinos is a must, but don’t do it straight from your inventory. I learned about this the hard way, but treats and poppins aren’t part of their daily sustenance. 

To feed a dino, get troughs from Marlo in Pebble Plaza and place either herbivore or carnivore food inside. Remember, herbivores taste herbivore food, carnivores crave carnivore fare, and omnivores are flexible eaters. You can buy food from merchants, but herbivore food can also be discovered while exploring. Keep an eye on the journal’s dinosaur record to know their daily food requirements, as different species consume varying amounts.