PES 2020 vs. PES 2019: What’s New?


Elsewhere on this site, I’ve already taken a look at what new improvements that you can expect to find in FIFA 20, so I thought it was only sensible to do the same with Konami’s annual attempt to dethrone EA’s monster. With only a couple of weeks left before they launch eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PES 2020), which shall be known as PES 20 from here on out because screw writing that out every time I mention the game. Let’s take a look under the hood and see just what’s going to be on offer for you to get to grips with come launch day.

There’s been some cosmetic stuff, of course, PES 20 still looks a hell of a lot better than FIFA so we’ll take that as read. What this guide intends to focus on are all the other changes that have been promised come September 10th.

PES 2020 vs. PES 2019

PES 20 Box Art

What Each Edition Gets You

Right then, not so much improvement but each edition of the game gives you new things with which you can play. So let’s list them off.

Standard Edition:

  • 3 Premium Agents for a total of 10 weeks
  • 3 Contract Renewals for a total of 10 weeks
  • Lionel Messi loan for 10 matches
  • Ronaldinho loan for 10 matches

Digital Pre-Order

  • All the above, plus:
  • Andres Iniesta loan for a total of 10 matches
  • 1000 MyClub Coins
  • PES 2020 PS4 Theme

Legend Edition:

  • PES Legend Special Agent
  • 3 Premium Agents for a total of 30 weeks
  • 3 Contract Renewals for a total of 30 weeks
  • Lional Messi loan for 10 matches

PES 20 Name Change

The Name Change

This might seem like an odd thing to include on here, but the fact remains that there’s a reason that Konami has gone for the sort of title that would make a great Scrabble score. This is all too do with the fact that the company is putting a massive emphasis onto online play this year with their overall play to be to shift the dynamic of eFootball and make it the biggest eSport in the world. Well, if you’re going to aim then aim high, I say.

PES 20 Matchday Mode

Match Day Mode

And on the subject on online play, Match Day Mode is an all-new, all sparkly addition to the PES family. The idea here is that at the start of each week you’ll have to choose between one of two teams. In doing so, every game you play will be important to your side as each perfectly placed passed, and every bullet into the top corner will add points to your chosen team. At the end of the week, all the Group Matches are analyzed, and the best players are given a chance to represent their sides in the Grand Final which will be streamed live to the actual mode itself.

PES 20 Better Movement

Improved Gameplay

Knowing that Konami has gone to a legend like Andres Iniesta to help tighten up the games dribbling mechanic then you know that they are serious about trying to take a chunk of that sweet FIFA money. And it’s not just him that they’ve enlisted the help off, or should I say paid a vast chunk of money to, none other than Ronaldinho has also given his two cents worth on how to make the whole experience seem more realistic which means that PES 20 is going for the full-on simulation.

PES 20 Master League

Master League

And finally, the one thing in PES 20 that I am genuinely looking forward to above everything else. This is in no small part down to what Konami is calling a new interactive dialogue system where every answer now means more. They claim that it will put the game in the player’s hand and allow them to tailor their manager experience to how they are as a person and I, for one, can’t wait to see it in action. I have no idea how this is going to work, but maybe it will it mean that you can go full-on Sir Alex hairdryer mode or perhaps do the Klopp smile? It might just be that it’s fun for a couple of games but then heads down the Football Manager press conference route. Still, that all remains to be seen but if they get it right then this year could be the one where they start to claw back some of the ground they’ve given up to FIFA for so long. And if not, then there’s always next season.