PGA Tour 2K23: Which Archetype should you choose in MyPlayer & MyCareer?

A tough decision indeed.

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In PGA Tour 2K21, the only way to boost a MyPlayer’s attributes was by way of golf clubs. That will change for PGA Tour 2K23, as players have a lot more tools at their disposal when it comes to modifying attributes. The first step in modeling the ideal golfer is by selecting an archetype. Archetypes set the base stats for a golfer and define that avatar’s playstyle. But which one should you choose? Let’s go over the different kinds of archetypes and attributes, and then our recommendations on what to use.

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MyPlayer Attributes in PGA Tour 2K23

Before we get into the archetypes, let’s go over the attributes. New to PGA Tour 2K23 are player attributes, which affect how a golfer performs out on the course. There are eight major attributes in PGA Tour 2K23, and here’s what one does:

  • Power: Determines the maximum carry distance and spin of each shot, excluding putts.
  • Timing: Scales the hook/slice forgiveness window. Hooks are trajectories of curves that go toward the golfer’s side of target. Slices curve away from the golfer.
  • Swing Path: Scales the push/pull forgiveness window. A pull is a launch angle to the golfer’s side of the target, while a push is to the opposite side.
  • Transition: Scales the backswing to downswing forgiveness window. Hitting the target Transition window is how to get the desired amount of power on your shot.
  • Shaping: Amount of draw, fade, and spin that can be applied to a shot
  • Lie Range: Determines the range of the lie percentage displayed in the Lie info HUD (upper right).
  • Putt Path: Scales the push/pull forgiveness window, while putting.
  • Putt Weight: Scales the backswing to downswing forgiveness window. Hitting the target Putt Weight window is how to get the desired amount of power on your shot.

Archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23

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Now, let’s go over the five archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23, along with base attributes:


  • Description: Specialist with Putter in hand. More time is spent on greens, and less on reading lies and shaping shots. Strength is Putting, weakness is Recovery Shots.
  • Power: 64
  • Timing: 73
  • Swing Path: 70
  • Transition: 67
  • Shaping: 60
  • Lie Range: 62
  • Putt Path: 81
  • Putt Weight: 76


  • Description: Prides themselves on destroying the ball with every swing. However, all that power makes it harder to control. Strength is Carry Distance, weakness is Swing Difficulty.
  • Power: 81
  • Timing: 60
  • Swing Path: 62
  • Transition: 76
  • Shaping: 73
  • Lie Range: 70
  • Putt Path: 64
  • Putt Weight: 67


  • Description: May not be able to achieve jaw dropping distances, but put swing quality above all. Strength is Swing Difficulty, and weakness is Carry Distance
  • Power: 60
  • Timing: 81
  • Swing Path: 76
  • Transition: 62
  • Shaping: 64
  • Lie Range: 67
  • Putt Path: 73
  • Putt Weight: 70


  • Description: A ball flight artist, bending and spinning their shots with disregard for swing quality both on and off the field. Strength is Shot Shaping, weakness is Distance Control.
  • Power: 73
  • Timing: 64
  • Swing Path: 76
  • Transition: 62
  • Shaping: 81
  • Lie Range: 67
  • Putt Path: 60
  • Putt Weight: 70


  • Description: Well balanced survivalist off the green, but skills with putter leave something to be desired. Strength is Recovery Shots, weakness is Putting.
  • Power: 70
  • Timing: 67
  • Swing Path: 64
  • Transition: 73
  • Shaping: 76
  • Lie Range: 81
  • Putt Path: 62
  • Putt Weight: 60

Which Archetype should you choose in PGA Tour 2K23?

As far as which archetype you should choose, that ultimately will depend on what kind of player you are and what weaknesses one has as a player. Those weak on shot control may want to elect for the Rhythm archetype, whereas those who really struggle with putting might want to go with Greensman.

If you are looking for the most balanced archetype, the Sculptor is the best pick. Sculptor provides the second-highest base attribute, and tied for the second-highest Putt Weight stat. Timing is a weakness for Sculptor, but aside from that, it’s very strong as a whole.