How to Pick Up 5 Dropped Mushrooms Using a Driver With a Ribbon in Mario Kart Tour

Pick up Dropped Mushrooms Mario Kart Tour

You have a new series of challenges in Mario Kart Tour, and you need to complete it during a grueling race in the game. One you might have trouble with involves picking up five dropped mushrooms using a driver with a ribbon. You’ll need to know how to drop those mushrooms, and then aim your driver to pick them up.

How to Pick Up 5 Dropped Mushrooms Using a Driver With a Ribbon in Mario Kart Tour

The first thing you need to focus on is choosing the type of driver you want to use who has a ribbon. These are the drivers you can pick from the current choices:

  • Wendy
  • Birdo
  • Peachette
  • Peach (Kimono)

Pick from any of these drivers to use for this challenge. You don’t have a massive list available, but hopefully, you have access to one of them to complete it.

After you pick one of them, your goal is to pick dropped mushrooms. A straightforward way to finish this task is to use Peachette or Peach (Kimono) because their special skill is a Mushroom Cannon, which fires out mushrooms all over the course. You can pick these up and dash in front of the other drivers, and you only need five of them to finish the challenge.

Birdo and Wendy do not have the Mushroom Cannon ability, complicating the task if you have access to one of these two. The best strategy you have is to view the Favored Courses of Peachette and Peach (Kimono). You’ll want to compete on these courses because other players may have unlocked these drivers, and the AI can use the Mushroom Cannon. If they do, you can pick up the dropped mushrooms on the track.

You’ll need to stick close to the Peachette and Peach (Kimono) drivers during the race. You won’t always drive against one every time, so there’s a bit of luck and patience involved to compete against one of them. You don’t need to grab all five mushrooms during a single race, granting you the chance to stretch it out to try and complete it multiple times.