Play Date Community Direct July 2023: All Announcements & How to Watch

Panic’s Play Date is getting its first ever Community Direct in July 2023, containing over 30 games and some big surprises for the console.

Image via Panic

The Play Date community is hosting its first ever Community Direct. The showcase will feature over 30 games, some of which will be surprises to everyone familiar with the platform. The event is a step forward for Play Date owners and legitimizes it alongside big names in the games industry that have been hosting events for years. This guide covers every announcement from the Play Date Community Direct in July 2023, including all the announcements and when and where to watch it.


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When is the Play Date Community Direct July 2023?

Image via Panic’s YouTube

The Play ate Community Direct July 2023 takes goes live at 11 AM PST on July 6, 2023. The event will be hosted on the Tiny Yellow Machine YouTube channel with full chat functionality to allow everyone in the Play Date community to feel like part of it.

How to Watch the Play Date Community Direct July 2023

The only way to watch the Play Date Community Direct July 2023 is on the Tiny Yellow Machine YouTube channel. We’ve included the video above so everyone can watch it from start to finish. The video is about 50 minutes long so settle in for the long haul.

Any Play Date fans that want to have some fun while watching the Community Direct can download a bingo card for announcements from the event. Tiny Yellow Machine has shared one that seems to be perfect, covering all the bases someone might expect from any showcase. This could also hint at some of the releases.

All Play Date Community Direct July 2023 Announcements

Image via Panic’s YouTube

Below, we’ve listed out every game that was announced during the Play Date Community Direct July 2023. There were also a couple of surprises, and they’re included in this section.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

From the developer of Legend of ETAD comes Tau, a tiny shooter title in which players control a ship as it speeds along a cylinder filled with dangerous obstacles and collectibles. It reminds us very much of the early 3D Sonic games, but with a top-down shooter twist. A demo is available from the developer for those that want to give it a go now.

Cranky Dog

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Cranky Dog is a hand-wound adventure game coming soon to Play Date. There are few games that attempt the adventure game style right now on Play Date, so one that dives deeper would be very welcome. Keep an eye on development by following the developer.

Under the Castle

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Under the Castle is a Zelda-style adventure with turn-based gameplay similar to Cadence of Hyrule. Players will need to descend beneath the castle to rescue villages and slay a great evil using an ever-growing array of weapons. Follow the developer on Twitter for updates.

The Whiteout

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In The Whiteout, players enter a world where is started snowing one day and just never stopped. We’re not sure what this game will be outside of having a post-apocalyptic setting, but it gives off very strong vibes similar to The Road or City of Thieves. Fans can follow the developer for updates.

You’re Gonna Miss the Bus

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In You’re Gonna Miss the Bus, players control a school kid on his way to get the bus, except it’s an endless runner, and there are way too many obstacles. The game looks to push the envelope for twitch reaction requirements on Play Date and even demonstrates what skateboarding could be like on the platform. Follow the developer’s page for updates.

Radar N Rockets

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Radar N Rockets presents players with a simple UI, a radar screen. Missils approach, and they need to crank their radar to the correct position to destroy those missiles. It’s a game that requires a lot of imagination, much like Defcon, but in a handy little package. This game is available right now for all Play Date owners on

Ribbit Rabbit Special

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Ribbit Rabbit Special is a remake for Play Date that brings the original game to a new audience. It adds a new biome so even familiar players will find something to discover, and it’s free as part of an upcoming Catalog update. It’s also available to purchase on now.

Solar Descent

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Solar Descent is a retro dungeon crawler that pushes players to solve puzzles and battle enemies in densely packed rooms with a limited array of items and weapons. It reminds us of The Binding of Isaac, though whether it’ll have as many potential item combinations remains to be seen. The game is coming out later this year, with a demo available now.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Voidblazers is a twin-stick shooter with no sticks, just the Play Date. The gameplay shown and sci-fi universe on show both look incredible for the console’s tiny screen. It provides that fast-paced action fans might remember from giant arcade machines, but packs it into a handheld format to be taken anywhere. Follow the official page for development updates.

Gotta Bounce

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

The only gameplay of Gotta Bounce that was on show was hidden behind a title card. This title has some very trippy vibes behind it, which we believe will mean it’s more of a compilation of experiences rather than a straightforward video game. Check out the developer’s website for updates on the game.

Beat Fish

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Unfortunately, nothing was shown of Beat Fish for Play Date, but we did get to hear some of the incredible music it’ll feature. View all the developer’s games on their website, and to keep an eye out for updates.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Crankblade, players swing their blade using the crank to survive against an onslaught of suids. They’ll need to collect upgrades to become stronger and defend themselves against more enemies and towering bosses in an ever-changing world. It looks like a roguelike, though the details of that specific mechanic haven’t yet been confirmed. The game will be out this autumn, and fans should follow its website for updates.

Art&… More

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Art&… More is just that. It’s got art and so much more. There’s fishing, a game about heaven with cats, conversations, and everything in between. The game was released during the event, with an updated version coming with new experiences very soon. The game already has a few art exhibits, with many more on the way.

Dog Knowse Further Chapters

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Dog Knowse Further Chapters, players will get to experience more of the Dog Knowse story leading off from where players last saw the game end. Find the first game and keep an eye out for news on the title on the official website.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Bubble looks to be another experiential title, allowing players to try something completely different with bubbles on the Play Date. The tag line “be the wind” indicates we’ll be moving bubbles around the screen using various inputs. Keep an eye on the game through its official website.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Nightingale is a dark adventure game where players explore a world in which they’ve been left behind. The story seems to start slow and build to some sort of cosmic finale. Learn more about the game on it’s official website.

Hot Hot Hot!

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Hot Hot Hot! is a food delivery game where players rush around the beach delivering treats. They’ll need to be fast though, because the beach will melt them if they pause for too long. Be the first to play the game by checking its website for new details.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Hana is a puzzle game where players take on the role of a special agent that must prove their worth though various training exercises. We’re hoping for a big story reveal partway through that sees the protagonist escape the facility. The game will release on August 7, 2023. New details will be posted on the website when it’s available.

Reel-istic Fishing

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Reel-istic Fishing looks like a fantastic fishing simulator. Players cast out their line and reel in as many fish as possible. Then, they need to harpoon them onto the boat as they fall from the sky. Profits from sales are put into upgrades to make fishing even more efficient. As big fishing game fans, we can’t wait to see what this feels like to play. Check out the page for more details.

Santos Sisters

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

A new issue of Santos Sisters, a comic that features the Play Date, got a tiny little look during the event. It’s in stores now, and the next issue is coming soon.

Play Date Camera

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Built by Tom Granger, the Play Date Camera is a fully functioning camera for the Play Date. It can be built by anyone by using the instructions from Github, though it doesn’t have a zoom. This is a fantastic little accessory anyone can put together with the time, money, and know-how, and it shows how inventive this community can be.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

We have no idea what Shroomville is because the trailer for it was quite short. It’s possible that the developer wanted to keep things quiet in order to surprise fans when the game launches. The only release window we were given is soon, so for now it’s just one to keep an eye out for on its page.

Chew Chew Mimic

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Chew Chew Mimic, players must craft paths for knights through a dangerous dungeon to get them safely to a monstrous chest that will eat them alive. It’s a reverse dungeon crawler in which players are the enemy, but they need to help their foes gather every piece of gold and avoid all dangers in the dungeon as they explore so that the mimic chest, a reference to Dark Souls, gets fed.

Life’s 2 Short: Unhooked

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

The sequel to Life’s Too Short, in Life’s 2 Short: Unhooked, players step into the role of celestial problem solver once again. This time around, a sea captain has been duped by a set of fair maidens, and it’s down to players to decide who is in the right, pick a side, and sort everything out. This is likely going to feel more like an adventure game than anything else, and we love the concept of a pirate having the tables turned on them. Find out more through the store page.

Along Came a Spider: Valley of the Hollow

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Along Came a Spider: Valley of the Hollow, players explore the land and tackle tricky dungeons filled with fellow insects. It appears to be a take on classic Zelda entries with a tiny twist. Everyone’s a bug. See more of this game on its developer’s website.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

CS-16 is a synthesizer that’s been ported to Play Date. Users can access all the features they’d expect from a synthesizer and even use the crank to turn dials on specific audio systems. The app is available right now for anyone to download and start making music with.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Minebap, players are able to mine anything and craft items with the resources they collect. If that sounds familiar, it’s because the game feels very much like Play Date’s answer to Minecraft. The trailer was short, but we can’t wait to test it out when it launches this month. See more of the game, and the developer’s other titles, on the official website.

Trickle Greenweed Mermaid at Law in Christmas Catastrophe

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Trickle Greenweed Mermaid at Law in Christmas Catastrophe, players help the mermaid protagonist, a newly qualified lawyer, defend their clients. The title was released for the Game Boy in recent years, but this re-release packs in more content and makes use of the Play Date’s unique control capabilities. It’s a law-based visual novel, and the engine used to build it is being given away for free so other developers can make the most of it. Learn more about the game and its developer on the game’s website.

Resonant Tale

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Resonant Tale is an adventure game in which players solve puzzles on a mysterious island to uncover secrets. The protagonist awakens on the beach with no knowledge of where they came from, and we expect the mysteries they uncover will shine a light into their past. There are dungeons to beat with massive bosses, and what we feel will be a host of intense challenges along the way to the game’s ending. See more of this game and the developer’s other works on its official site.


Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

GunTrails is another twin-stick shooter for Play Date. It’s packed with style and substance, offering an incredible experience that will see players dodging and shooting their way through several waves of enemies in true arcade fashion. Anyone interested in it should check it out when it launches on July 18, 2023. Grab the game when it comes out from the developer direct on their website.

Snatchy Carrots

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In Snatchy Carrots, players battle through level after level where they must gather carrots in a ridiculously short amount of time. It’s a frantic little title that will push players beyond their breaking point as they try to beat their high score. The game launches on September 30, 2023 alongside a comic book with the story. Get the game from the developer’s website when it launches, and keep an eye out for updates in the meantime.

Fun in the Sun Games Bundle

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

The Fun in the Sun Games Bundle offers 10 games for $20 between July 6 to August 10, 2023. This bundle is great value for money for any Play Date owners that aren’t sure where to start with buying additional games for their console. It’s live now on for anyone that’s interested.

SpaceRat Miner

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

In SpaceRat Miner, players join a rat mining expedition on an alien world. They’re tasked with digging up every resource they can find, but the planet has other ideas. There are alien bosses to contend with, giant waves of goop, and ancient machines to master. This game looks brilliant, making use of everything the Play Date can do, pushing it to its limit. Grab it from the page when it launches later this year.

Echoes of the Emergent

Screenshot via Tiny Yellow Machine

Echoes of the Emergent was a great game to end the show on. It’s a visual novel that explores a post-apocalyptic world with impeccable sci-fi vibes. The game will be released at some point in fall 2023, and fans can check out the development page for updates closer to the time.

Will There be More Play Date Community Directs?

Yes, Tiny Yellow Machine has confirmed it’ll be hosting four Play Date Community Directs per year, one every quarter. Fans will be able to watch these as they go live, though we recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel to keep on top of them.