PokéFair Sync Pair Red and Snorlax moves in Pokémon Masters EX

First Kanto Sync Pair that can Dynamax in Pokémon Masters EX .

Image via DeNa

The second part of the Two-Year anniversary rally is introducing fan-favorites Red and Snorlax in Pokémon Masters EX as the featured Sync Pair. The Normal-type Pokémon is a Support unit capable of boosting Critical-Hit Rate and providing healing for the entire team. Additionally, Snorlax can Dynamax, making it one of the very few Pokémon in the game that can do so.

Red and Snorlax moveset

Red and Snorlax come with three passive skills, which are mentioned below:

  • Max Regen: Once Snorlax uses its Dynamax move, it applies a gradual healing effect to the user.
  • Team Alert Mind 1: Increases the Defense stat of all allied Sync Pairs by one rank if the user’s HP drops to half or below.
  • Group Moral Support 4: Has a 50% chance of raising Sp. Def of allied Sync Pair by one rank upon using a move.

Red and Snorlax moves are as follows:

  • Body Slam (2-gauge move): Deals damage between 50-63 and has a 30% chance of leaving the target paralyzed.
  • Mini Potion All (2 usages): Replenishes the health of all allied Sync Pairs by 20% of their maximum health.
  • Rock Smash (2-gauge move): Deals damage between 46-55 and has a 50% chance of lowering the target’s defense by one rank.
  • You and Me! (2 usages): Decreases the Sync Move countdown and increases the Critical-Hit Rate by two ranks of the selected ally. Furthermore, makes the next attack of that ally supereffective.
  • Max Knuckle (Max Move): Deals damage between 400-480 and increases the Attack of allied Sync Pairs by two ranks.
  • Heaviest Sleeper Normal Impact (Sync Move): Deals damage between 300-360.

At first glance, Snorlax seems to have a pretty mediocre kit. However, with the ability to raise the Critical-Hit Rate by two ranks, it can be a great asset to any Striker unit. Although not significant, Snorlax can also provide decent healing for the entire team.

Should you pull for Red and Snorlax

The Sync Pair of Red and Snorlax is the only Support unit in the game capable of Dynamaxing. Although that doesn’t immediately make the unit top tier, it’s something worth noting. One drawback of the unit is its mediocre speed which impacts its performance in long stages. That said, it has access to potions which is equally essential for long stages. Players looking for versatile Support that doesn’t excel in any specific category but is valuable everywhere should consider summoning for Red and Snorlax.