Pokémon Go battle league is down explained

Battling to be the very best.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go battle league is the PvP portion of the mobile augmented reality game. A good majority of the time, the PvP service is usually up, and you can battle trainers from all over the world if you have the tickets to battle them. The first thing you want to check is your internet service, and if that’s completely fine, the next step is to see what’s going on behind closed doors and learning about what problems the Pokémon Go application could be having.

An excellent first step is to investigate the Pokémon Go blog to see if they have any updates about the service. For example, they may have small hiccups in the middle of the season, such as part of the service going down for a time, or readjusting the release date for any of the four leagues. The blog on the Pokémon Go page does an excellent job of breaking down what’s going in the game’s current events and explaining how they plan to adjust any scheduling changes.

After that, your next step is to hop over to Twitter and check out the Niantic Support Twitter account. The folks over there are extremely good at notifying the community about any problems occurring with any of Niantic’s game, but those running it are exceptionally good at notifying the community about Pokémon Go-related issues. If you don’t follow this Twitter page, at least have it bookmarked on your smartphone’s browser to quickly jump over to it to see if there are any recent posts about the battle league being down and what’s being done about it. This statement goes for expected and unexpected maintenance.

Those are the two primary ways you will have to rely on to learn about the Pokémon Go battle league being unavailable. Outside of those two options, you mostly want to try restarting your Pokémon Go application, checking your internet service, and making sure you have a strong signal. If you were experiencing performance issues when attempting to connect to the battle league and then can no longer access it, you’re better off waiting to battle other trainers again until you return to a location with a reliable WiFi connection.