Drop rates of PokéStops items in Pokémon Go

What kind of items can you get from PokéStops and how often do they drop?

Pokemon GO Update July 2016

There are a variety of unique items and evolution stones you can receive in Pokémon Go. Some of them are useful to help enhance your Pokémon, make it easier to catch them, refuel them while they rest at Gyms, and there are evolution stones you can use to make select Pokémon stronger, turning them in their next form. Receiving these items takes time, though, and they have a specific drop rate in the game when they come from PokéStops.

There are several different items you can receive from a Pokéstop:

  • Eggs – less than a one percent chance
  • Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions – 10 percent, four percent, one percent, and then less than one percent
  • Revives and Max Revives – Four percent and then less than one percent
  • Razz, Nanab, and Pinab Berries – Eight percent, and four percent for the final two
  • PokéBalls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls – 50 percent, 14 percent, and three percent

These are the more common items you’re going to see from PokéStops. Most of the time, you spin the disc of location, and you can see the items going into your bag. All of them are useful but serve a different purpose.

However, you also have the chance to acquire rare evolution stones from the PokéStops. These evolution stones are what you need to evolve a handful of distinct Pokémon in the game to have them change into their final evolution form. You certainly want to acquire several of these, and it helps to build up a steady pile of them in your bag.

Unfortunately, they seldom drop from the PokéStops. You have less than a one percent chance for any one of them to drop. You can receive the Sun Stone, King’s Rock, the Dragon Scale, Upgrade, and Metal Coat from a PokéStop.

While the drop rates are low for the incredibly useful items, there are so many PokéStops littered throughout the game; you have several chances to give it a try. The more PokéStops you visit, the more chances you have to acquire the higher quality items they can drop.