Pokemon Go: Is Magma Storm Good For Heatran?

Heatran can learn the move Magma Storm in Pokemon Go, and this guide covers if it’s a good attack to teach it or if you should pass on it.

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Magma Storm is a signature move for Heatran, introduced during Pokemon’s Platinum version for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Now, this powerful move has made its way over to Pokemon Go and can exclusively be taught to Heatran.

With Heatran getting a new move, it’s important to break it down and see if it’s a worthwhile addition to its already decent moveset. Here’s what you need to know about Magma Storm and if it’s a good move in Pokemon Go, and if you should teach it to Heatran.

All Magma Storm Stats in Pokemon Go

Beat Heatran in Pokémon GO
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Magma Storm is a Fire-type move, and only Heatran can learn it in Pokemon Go. It’s an exclusive attack that you can earn if you defeat Heatran in a five-raid during specific times, or you can use an Elite Charged TM on it.

Let’s break down the different stats for Magma Storm. It’s a charged attack, so how much energy it needs for Heatran to use it and how much damage it does determines its overall usefulness. Here’s the full breakdown of Magma Storm’s stats for PvP and PvE in Pokemon Go.

  • All Magma Storm PvP Stats
    • Damage: 65
    • Energy Requirement: 40
  • All Magma Storm PvE Stats
    • Damage: 75
    • Energy Requirement: 33

Based on these stats, Magma Storm is a stronger choice for Heatran, considering its other charged move options in Pokemon Go. It might not hit the hardest, but in PvP, a 65-damage attack for 40 energy is a decent exchange, and that means Heatran can hit some pretty hefty attacks early in a fight, potentially wearing down an opponent’s shield.

For PvE, Magma Storm is also a decent option. It’s a solid Fire-type move in Pokemon Go. What makes Heatran a solid option is that it’s a Fire and Steel-type Pokemon, making it only weak to Fighting, Ground, or Water-type attacks, and it has a much larger list of resistances. Although it might be better for PvP battles in Pokemon Go, it’s a good choice for PvE Raids.

Should You Teach Magma Storm to Heatran in Pokemon Go?

Based on the stats and Heatran’s previous charged attacks, yes, I do believe all players should try to go out of their way to get a Heatran with Magma Storm. It’s a great Fire-type move to teach this Pokemon and is an excellent choice for the Master League or when battling against legendary Pokemon in five-star raids.