Pokemon GO Network Error 26 – What It Is And How To Fix It

Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO users are being affected by error 26. This error is particularly annoying as it will cause Pokemon that you encounter in the wild to despawn. This is especially annoying if you run into a rare Pokemon, only to see it disappear on you before you can catch it.

According to Pokemongohub.net, error 26 is “displayed when players are kicked out of a gym combat scenario. Likely caused by delayed server response. Reports indicate lag spikes and large data usage upon clicking on a nearby Pokémon after the error, hinting that a large client-server sync is in progress.”

Pokemon GO Network Error 26

Error 26 seems to be caused by a degree of desync and lag between you and the server. This could be cause by any number of issues, from a problem with your phone signal or connection, to something going on with your service provider, to something being amiss with the server itself. The root of the issue doesn’t matter, the result is always the same, so that is what we are going to focus on.

Accordingly an old post on Reddit by r/Alviento, following the below steps will help with the disappearing Pokemon issue.

  • Find exactly the same Pokemon in your storage (same name, CP, and date of error)
  • Delete it.
  • Catch it again from the stack.

By deleting the previous interaction from your storage, your phone now things you have not already encountered the Pokemon. It’s simply, but a very clever solution to the issue.