Make a New Friend, Send 25 Gifts Pokémon Go Research Task Guide and Reward

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2

A brand new Pokémon Go Research Task has been added to the game as part of the new Tourist Day event, which brings a host of new Pokémon and regional variants to the game, including Mime Jr. in Europe.

As with most events in Pokémon Go, research tasks can be found by spinning any nearby Pokéstop. You can only have three tasks at once and completing them gives you rewards and parks.

One of the many new research tasks to be added includes one titled “Make a new friend” which, as you might guess it, tasks you with simply adding a new friend to your friends list to complete the task.

By doing so, you will unlock a mystery Pokémon Encounter to have a chance at capturing it. What is this encounter, you ask? Well, it is none other than a Nosepass.

There is also a hefty “Send 25 Gifts” research task that, once completed, gives you a Lapras. This Lapras should also have a shot at being shiny, should you be so lucky.

You get Gifts by spinning Pokéstops but can only hold ten at a time and can only give a gift to friends once a day, so it could take a while to complete this but, if you need a Lapras, this is the best way to get one.