Pokémon Go Tourism Day All Field Research Tasks and Rewards

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Pokemon Go has a new array of Research tasks for their Tourism Day event. Any player can take part in this event, and doing so does not take too much effort. However, getting the tasks done to check them off the list may prove a bit more complicated. Some of them require players to go out of their way to ensure they’ve traveled, and it’s a lot to ask for those playing a mobile.

Pokémon Go Tourism Day All Field Research Tasks and Rewards

Here are all of the Research tasks you can complete throughout the event and the rewards associated with them.

  • Make a New Friend – Nosepass Encounter
  • Send 25 Gifts to Friends – Lapras Encounter
  • Trade Pokémon caught 10,000 KM Apart – Zangoose (North America, South America, and Africa) or Seviper (Europe, Asia, and Australia) Encounter

The larger task, trading a Pokémon caught 10,000 KM apart is going to prove troublesome for a handful of trainers who may not have friends that far across the world. Luckily, we have a guide on how you can get this done. Make sure to read it; however, not every trainer may have a readily accessible way to complete it.

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The other tasks, however, are going to be reasonably straightforward. For those already have all of their friends added to their Pokemon GO profile, try to reach out to others in the Pokemon GO community on the Reddit page, or through social media. You might surprise yourself who’s going to answer you. The more friends you have to your list, the better.

To get gifts in Pokemon GO, you’re going to need to visit Pokestops in the game. Spin the wheels at the respective area, and hopefully find a Gift you can send to one of your friends. For those who don’t play too often, you might have a few in your inventory ready to go out to other trainers. To send a gift go to the Friends Tab in the Pokemon GO application and pick out the particular friend you want to give the item to. You’re going to need to do this 25 times, and you can’t do it to a single person. You can only send someone a single gift per day. Doing so not only helps you complete the research gift, but gives you a small boost of experience points and increases your friendship level with that trainer.

The Pokémon Go Tourism Day starts right now. It ends on Oct. 1 at 1 pm during your local time.