How to Get Scout Points in Pokemon Masters


In Pokemon Masters you are looking to take the island of Pasio by storm, gathering up the best trainers and Pokemon you can find to create powerful teams of Sync Pairs to engage in three vs. three battles. The ultimate goal is to win the Pokemon Masters League, and you won’t do that without recruiting the best of the best to join your team. A great way to find a sturdy Sync Pair is by using Scout Points.

How to Get Scout Points in Pokemon Masters

Sync Pair Scouts

You earn Scout Points by Scouting at the shop. Visit the shop on the left, the one ran by Tricia, and you can choose to purchase a Sync Pair Scout. A Sync Pair Scout randomly generates a Sync Pair for you to add to your collection.

A single Sync Pair Scout costs you 300 Gems, or you can buy 10 for 3000 Gems. You can choose to part with some paid Gems if you wish, picking up a single Sync Pair Scout each day for 100 Gems.

Each time you perform a Sync Pair Scout you receive 3 Scouting Points, and you need to hit 400 Scouting Points to be able to get your pick of any Sync Pair available. To get all 400 points, you need to perform 134 Sync Pair Scouts, which totals 40,200 Gems. You can use Gems given to you by the game, or you can pay to obtain more.

Annoyingly, Scouting Points reset at the end of each Sync Pair Scout Event, which is set to end on Sept. 29. If you do want to guarantee a particular Sync Pair, you are going to need to let your Gems build-up, then rush through all the Sync Pair Scouts in one go to get your Scouting Points. This way, you might even get the Sync Pair you want before burning through all your Gems.