Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Roles Guide

The trainers in Pokemon Masters come with a unique series of moves and skills when you acquire them. These skills and moves define how you’re going to use them in combat. However, there’s a quick, sure-fire way to see what kind of Sync Pair you have and what they’re going to optimize at in a battle. You can see this in the Role portion of their stat sheet, but what do the symbols mean?

Sync Pair Roles in Pokemon Masters Guide

There are three different roles a trainer can get assigned in Pokemon Masters. There’s the punching symbol, the heart, and then the exclamation point. They stand for Strike, Support, and Tech, respectively. Each one provides a different benefit and assists players during a battle. Here’s what each of the roles focuses on during a battle.

  • Strike: A trainer and Pokemon with his role specialize in attack and special attack during a battle. These Pokemon focus on hitting hard, so they don’t have as much defense of health.
  • Support: A trainer and Pokemon with this role have a large amount of health available to them during a battle. However, they may not have the best attacks. They’re likely going to have a helpful ability that benefits the entire team.
  • Tech: A trainer and Pokemon with this role are going to have a form of attack that inflicts a status effect against an opponent. They won’t have the best health, but their attacks are going to have a lasting impact against your opponents.

Discovering the correct combination of Sync Pairs in a team is critical. You don’t want to go into a fight with three Strike pairs, because they’re incredibly squishy and are going to get taken down in short order. However, you also don’t want three Support pairs, because while it’s going to take a while for them to fall, they’re not going to do too much damage.

You’re going to better off having a strict combination of Sync Pairs. For example, you’ll find you’re going to benefit having a Support pair in the middle formation, acting as your tank. On the sides, you can choose to have a pair of Strikes to deal quick damage, or a Strike and a Tech hitting your opponents with an attack that does damage over time or slows them down.

While finding the correct combination that works for you may take some time, you want to ensure you’re not focusing on a single group. Spread your Sync Pairs out, and mix and match your team to fight any opponent. Also, remember to keep the weaknesses of your opponent’s Pokemon in mind, too.