Pokemon Sleep: Every Salad Recipe & How To Make Them

From bean to mushroom salad, we’ve got every recipe covered in our Pokemon Sleep salad guide. Make your Snorlax the happiest it can be with our ingredient list.

Image by Pokemon Co.

Pokemon Sleep is a relatively low-maintenance game that encourages you to get some shut-eye with your favorite Pokemon. The more responsibly you sleep, the better your Pokemon will work for you to gather berries and other resources to feed a gigantic Snorlax each day. Some Snorlax prefer salad over everything else, while others want exclusively deserts. Regardless of what your Snorlax wants to eat, it can be helpful to know the recipes for all kinds of things so that you can feed them their preferred food. This guide explains how to make every kind of salad recipe in Pokemon Sleep.

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All Salad Recipe & Ingredients in Pokemon Sleep

Image by Pokemon Co.

Snorlax that have a compulsion to eat their greens have some mighty good taste. You can make all kinds of salads in Pokemon Sleep if you stop using the Auto Cook button. Everything from mushroom salad to bean and ham salad is on the table, using a wide variety of ingredients that you obtain from going to sleep on time. Below, we have every salad and what ingredients you’ll need to put them together in Pokemon Sleep:

SaladRecipe & Ingredients
Mixed SaladRandom ingredients. Anything works!
Snoozy Tomato SaladSnoozy Tomato x8
Bean Ham SaladHam x14
Fancy Apple x 9
Fancy Apple SaladFancy Apple x8
Slowpoke Tail Pepper SaladSlowpoke Tail x10
Fiery Herb x10
Pure Oil x15
Heat Wave Tofu SaladFiery Herb x6
Greengrass Soybeans x10
Snow Cloak Caesar SaladMoomoo Milk x10
Bean Sausage x6
Gluttony Potato SaladSoft Potato x14
Fancy Egg x9
Bean Sausage x7
Fancy Apple x6
Spore Mushroom SaladTasty Mushroom x17
Snoozy Tomato x8
Pure Oil x8
Water Veil Tofu SaladGreengrass Soybeans x10
Snoozy Tomato x6
Superpower Extreme SaladBean Sausage x9
Warming Ginger x6
Fancy Egg x5
Soft Potato x3
Moomoo Caprese SaladMoomoo Milk x12
Snoozy Tomato x6
Pure Oil x5
Overheat Ginger SaladFiery Herb x17
Warming Ginger x10
Snoozy Tomato x8
Contrary Chocolate Meat SaladSoothing Cacao x14
Bean Sausage x9
Immunity Leek SaladLarge Leek x10
Warming Ginger x5
Ninja SaladLarge Leek x15
Greengrass Soybeans x15
Tasty Mushroom x12
Warming Ginger x11
Dazzling Apple Cheese SaladFancy Apple x15
Moomoo Milk x5
Pure Oil x3

Some of these salads in Pokemon Sleep may be a bit weird, but that doesn’t stop Snorlax from enjoying them. Because the meals you create for Snorlax change weekly, you won’t be making odd salads forever, so don’t worry. There are other dishes you can make for Snorlax, including desserts and dinnertime-type meals. Just make sure that you get to sleep on time and remember to feed Snorlax, just as you should yourself. Snorlax doesn’t like skipping meals, so you should try to follow their example!