Pokemon TCG: Top 15 Art Rare Cards From Crown Zenith To Scarlet & Violet

These cards are worth putting on display!

From good art to good plays, there are plenty of reasons to start a Pokemon card collection. It’s hard to find Pokemon cards that have bad designs, and the ones that stand out usually have full card illustrations that are excellent to have in a binder or on display. Illustration rare cards are full-on displays, usually holographic renditions of a specific Pokemon. In the list below, we’ll go over some awesome illustration Pokemon rare cards that you can find in most modern booster packs: everywhere from Crown Zenith to Scarlet & Violet.

15. Pachirisu

From the Scarlet & Violet expansion, this Pachirisu card is cute and well-drawn. Gameplay-wise, the card is similar to all others. What makes it stand out is the cute, full card art that you get of two Pachirisu being insufferably adorable.

14. Pawmot

This full art illustration, Pawmot, features an adorable illustration of the entire evolutionary line. The illustration rare print of the card was done by Kouki Saitou. It was first released as part of the Violet expansion, coming later to places beyond Japan as part of the Scarlet & Violet sets.

13. Riolu

The full art for Riolu comes from the Scarlet & Violet packs, first appearing in SV-P promotional cards. It has both a standard and illustration rare full version, the latter featuring adorable art of a Riolu training. The illustration full card art was done by Nelnal.

12. Sprigatito

This positively flowery Sprigatito card features the starter from Paldea, and is part of the Paldea Evolved expansion. It features art by Kouki Saitou. While the card’s functionality may not be any different, the detailed background makes it a prime piece to have on display. If it’s a holo, it looks even better!

11. Marill

This Marill illustration rare art card really shows off the sea life for Pokemon that live underwater. As the PokeDex says, Marill can keep afloat by using the oil stored in its tail like a bouey. The illustration art features the work of Atsuya Uki. If you want to pull this card for your collection, try getting Paldea Evolved booster packs.

10. Skwovet

While you may be mad at Skwovet for taking your berries during Ogre Oustin, it’s pretty hard to be mad at this Skwovet, given how cute it is. This illustration rare art card has art featuring the talent of Teeziro. It’s part of the Scarlet Violet booster packs, so if you need another normal type that has some amazing art, this would be a good one to shoot for. Just make sure to keep your Berry cards very far away.

9. Kingambit

Kingambit is probably one of the most creative third evolutions to come out of the last couple Pokemon gens, so it’s no wonder that it receives a full illustration card for TCG players. It’s part of the Scarlet and Violet expansion, making it a possible pull every time you get a Scarlet and Violet booster pack. The design features art by Shin Nagasawa.

8. Mabosstiff

If you liked the sidequests with Arven as he seeks to restore his Mabosstiff to full health, you’ll love having this card in your collection. It shows that very same Mabosstiff, looking good and getting some sandwiches from his Trainer. The art features the design talent of OKACHEKE, and can be fount in Scarlet & Violet booster packs.

7. Raichu

If you’re a Raichu fan, having this sweet illustration of a sleepy one may be the best pull possible for you. This Raichu illustration rare card is part of the Paldea Evolved set. The art that makes the card different is done by Toshinao Aoki.

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6. Snorlax

As if the Snorlax art on your average Pokemon card couldn’t get any comfier, this illustration rare answers. This rare illustration card can make any Normal type deck that much more special; just make sure to give it a proper sleeve first. If you want to try and pull one for yourself, look out for 151 booster packs, which feature only Gen 1 Pokemon.

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5. Psyduck

This Psyduck illustration rare card features the stumbling Pokemon in a nice, detailed environment designed by Whisker. Like the Snorlax card, this one is from the Pokemon Card 151 set, making it one of the many Gen 1 Pokemon you’ll receive from a booster pack under that set. The art is detailed and, like other 151 full illustrations, done by Whisker.

4. Houndour

One of the best parts of these fully illustrated cards is that they give us glimpses into the Pokemon world in a context outside of the anime. In this case, we get to see a bunch of Houndour living peacefully in a group. This illustration rare card is part of the Obsidian Flames expansion, with art by Scav.

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3. Ninetails

Ninetails already serves up some wonderful art, and this full illustration art is no different. This detailed illustration of Ninetails is perfect for a single-card display. The art print is by SIE NANAHARA, with a warm autumn vibe that helps emphasize how beautiful Ninetails looks from any angle. If you want to try and pull this card for yourself, consider getting some Obsidian Flames booster packs.

2. Flamigo

The cute flamingo Pokemon has plenty of basic cards to show off a Fighting or Flying deck, but this one is one of the best to have for the illustration alone. For a card that’s dripping with sunset beach vibes, this illustration rare card is great, with artwork by Shibuzoh. It’s part of the Paldea Evolved set, since it features Flamigo.

1. Maushold

This is one of the cutest illustration rare cards out there, featuring the many faces of Maushold as they do their tiny mouse tasks. This is a great card to have for any Normal-type decks and is relatively easy to get if you go through enough Paldea Evolved booster packs. The cozy art is illustrated by Mizue, with detail on every inch of the illustration, from the Maushold sleeping underneath foliage to the ones carrying mushrooms and berries around.