What Does Allister Look Like Behind the Mask in Pokémon Sword and Shield?


Exclusive gym leaders have not been new since Black and White introduced Drayden and Iris, but in Pokémon Sword and Shield, exclusive gym leaders make a return with different typings. Pokémon Shield features the rising fan-favorite Allister, the Ghost type gym leader. His appearance has captured many fans’ attention, and they’re asking the question: What does Allister look like without his mask on?

Before the game’s release, there were tons of fan art depicting him without his mask. Low and behold, Shield owners will find out once they reach the postgame. If you want to find out for yourself in-game, there will be spoilers for his unmasked appearance.

If you are fine with finding out what he looks like,scroll down.

Spoiler Warning Below

Pokemon Shield Allister Unmasked

Considering how Allister is referred to as a school star, he looks young and shy. To get his trainer card, you will need to catch the legendary Pokémon Zamazenta. This is exclusively for Pokémon Shield; in Sword, you have Bea in Allister’s place.