WoW: Battle for Azeroth Profession Trainer Locations Guide


The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, brought changes to the way profession levels work. Professions no longer feature a single level bar with an additive total profession level that increases with each expansion. Instead, professions now feature an expansion-specific level bar, meaning you’ll no longer have to grind through hundreds of profession points just to get up to speed.

Now you can pick up the Battle for Azeroth version of any profession simply by speaking to its trainer, regardless of your previous progress with that profession. Even if you’re picking up a profession for the very first time, you’ll be able to start with this expansion’s version of the profession and begin crafting relevant items.

The Professions tab now displays progress in only the most recent version of the profession that you’ve learned, but you can check your progress in others by checking out your recipe list, which features the recipes you’ve learned sorted by expansion (as before) and now features a progress bar for each.

Where to train Battle for Azeroth professions

Horde players will find all profession trainers located in Dazar’alor, in Zuldazar. Trainers are located Terrace of Crafters.

Alliance players will find all profession trainers located in Boralus, in Tiragarde Sound. Trainers are located in the Tradewinds Market.


Clever Kumali (42.23, 37.96) Elric Walgrene (74.20, 6.53)


Forgemaster Zak’aal (43.64, 38.30) Grix “Ironfists” Barlow (73.40, 8.45)


Enchantress Quinni (47.09, 35.68) Emily Fairweather (74.03, 11.57)


Shuga Blastcaps (45.14, 40.58) Layla Evenkeel (77.64, 14.34)


Jahden Fla (42.08, 36.34) Declan Senal (70.28, 6.10)


Chronicler Grazzul (42.33, 39.72) Zooey Inksprocket (73.39, 6.32)


Seshuli (47.04, 37.92) Samuel D. Colton III (75.21, 9.89)


Xanjo (44.07, 34.64) Cassandra Brennor (75.47, 12.60)


Secott the Goldsmith (44.11, 38.98) Myra Cabot (75.22, 7.55)


Rana the Cutta (43.76, 34.67) Camilla Darksky (75.65, 13.39)


Pin’jin the Patient (44.49, 33,89) Daniel Brineweaver (76.93, 11.15)

Where to train secondary professions


Examiner Alerinda (26.33, 37.17) Jane Hudson (68.32, 8.46)

Archaeology still features the old profession skill level system, featuring ranks such as Apprentice and Grand Master, up til you reach 600 skill (Zen Master Archaeology). Afterwards, you’ll be able to train Draenor Archaeology (to 700), Legion Archaeology (to 800), and finally Battle for Azeroth Archaeology (up to 950).


T’sarah the Royal Chef (28.39, 50.17) “Cap’n” Byron Mehlsack (71.21, 10.67)


The Fishing trainers will teach expansions’ versions of their profession, so there’s no need flying around to all those old zones.

Silent Tali (50.51, 23.37) Alan Goyle (74.18, 5.50)

Learning profession recipes from earlier expansions

If you’re just getting started with a professions and are a completionist at heart, you’ll have to go back to different trainers to learn the previous expansions’ versions of each profession. Here are the level caps for each previous expansion’s version of a profession:

  • Classic: Maxed out at 300/300
  • Outland: Maxed out at 75/75
  • Northrend: Maxed out at 75/75
  • Cataclysm: Maxed out at 75/75
  • Pandaria: Maxed out at 75/75
  • Draenor: Maxed out at 100

It’s worth noting that you will still need to reach each expansion’s minimum training level to learn that expansion’s version of a profession (for example, level 90 for Cataclysm). You’ll also have to travel to profession trainers located in zones relevant to that expansion.