PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update – Release date and features

Winter season is coming to PUBG Mobile Lite.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile Lite is currently running on the 0.19.0 update, and the next update will be released soon. The leaks have suggested that just like PUBG Mobile, the devs will release PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 update instead of a 0.20.0 version. The beta version has yet to be released, but data miners have revealed a few additions that might be present in the upcoming update of the game.

Vikendi map

Since the winter season is coming, there are high chances of the inclusion of a snow map, likely just Vikendi with a different name. There is no information regarding whether the whole map will be included or it will be smaller than the one in PUBG Mobile. Other than this, the foggy weather might also be included like it was in PUBG Mobile.

Winter-themed lobby

PUBG Mobile Lite will be getting a brand new winter-themed lobby with a cute snowman and lots of snow. After taking a look at this addition, we can deduce that the whole update will be based on the winter theme.

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Winter Themed Skins

Just like every other update, new winter-themed skins will be added to the winter update of PUBG Mobile Lite. As per the leaks, these include Wintertime UAZ, Wintertime Parachute, and Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet.

The update will be available to download from Google Play Store, and we will update the article with more information once the beta version of the update arrives.