PUBG: New State ‘unable to connect to the server’ error explained

What can you do about the problem?

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PUBG: New State has arrived for smartphones, and you can download the game to jump into the fray and experience a new battle royale experience. However, players have encountered a few problems with the game when they attempt to load in, namely an error message “unable to connect to the server.” Here’s what you need to know about solving this issue and what you can do about it for the moment.

Right now, you’re experiencing this error because PUBG: New State has officially pushed back its official release date by two hours. The website has shared this information, and that’s the reason the game is experiencing issues. You can attempt to refresh your game, restart it, and update your smartphone, but the game won’t be ready until two hours from its official release date. So despite being delayed by only a few hours, everyone should expect to wait a bit longer than that to play the game, to provide the developers enough time to adjust to the demand the servers are likely to experience.

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Our best recommendation is to set the game down and wait for everything to roll out. The servers should be ready in a few hours, and you’ll be able to jump into the game when the error subsides. Even at the bottom of the screen, the game is checking for updates, and it can’t finish loading at 38%. We don’t have an exact time for when the servers will be ready.