Rage 2: All Ark Chests, Storage Containers and Data Pads at Stiltown Bandit Den

 Rage 2: All Ark Chests, Storage Containers and Data Pads at Stiltown Bandit Den

Stiltown is one of the coolest-looking bandit dens in Rage 2. Rather than just a series of shacks in the desert, Stiltown is a multi-level hideout built into the ruins of a freeway overpass. It’s packed to the brim with baddies, but if you go in with a full set of abilities and weapons, it shouldn’t give you too much trouble. You can find Stiltown right about dead center of the Torn Plains.

Map showing location of Stiltown

When you approach Stiltown, there will only be a few bandits standing guard on the bottom level. They’re not too tough and won’t alert the guards above, so just dive in and take them out. You’ll see an elevator shaft next to one of the pillars supporting the overpass. If you go around the pillar, you’ll find a storage container, plus some feltrite stuck to the wall.

Head up the elevator, kill the lazy guard who’s facing away from the entrance for some reason, and then your assault on Stiltown will start for real. From this point on, you’re going to have a constant stream of baddies heading toward you. It’s much easier just to fight your way to the top and start picking up collectibles on your way down to make sure that you don’t miss any during a firefight.

Fight your way across the heavily guarded bridge at the top of the elevator, then head up into Stiltown. The entire structure is filled with enemies, so don’t hold back and remember to use your powers. Since this entire town is so far above the ground, you can make good use of Shatter and your shotgun’s alternate fire to throw bandits off the edge for an easy kill. Be sure to use the winding platforms of the base to get the high ground for a damage boost from Slam when you can. The biggest thing to watch out for is rockets and grenades. You’re stuck in some pretty tight hallways here, so they can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful. Also, watch out for the giant bandit on Stiltown’s largest platform. Use the environment for cover (and Barrier if you have it), and he shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Once you’ve dealt with Stiltown’s now-former inhabitants, you can start collecting loot. Starting in the very top room of the Bandit Den, where you should be once you finish clearing everyone out, you’ll find an Ark chest, a storage container, and a data pad. Just below the platform where you find them, there’s another storage container hidden behind a half-wall. There’s a zip line in this room, but don’t take it unless you already have all the collectibles between here and where it leaves you.


Head out onto this room’s balcony, and you should be able to see the top of a storage container in the elevated watchtower-like room across from you. Jump down onto the platform below you and face the watchtower, where you should see a ledge wrapped with pink wire that you can jump to, giving you access to the storage container.

Head down the stairs below you, and you’ll see a storage container to your right on a landing midway down. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll be back in the area where you fought the huge goon on the way up. Straight across from you, there are two ladders. Head up the left one to grab a storage container, and break open some supply crates while you’re at it.

Two ladders against a wall

Cross the bridge out to a large open platform where you land if you take the zip line from the top floor. You’ll find a datapad on the dumpster near the gap between this platform and the one you were just on. Head through what looks like a shed on the edge of the platform into a covered staircase. Tucked into an alcove before you reach the stairs is a storage container.

Storage container in alcove

If you already grabbed the storage container before the elevator, that’s it! If not, just hang a left when you get to the bottom to get the last one.