Rage 2 Not Loading On Steam Bug – How To Fix


Some Rage 2 players have been having an issue where the game will not load on Steam. It’s, frankly, annoying when this type of thing happens, as you want to be able to install your game and then enjoy it. Luckily, we have a couple of steps you can take to try and fix the issue.

Hot To Fix Rage 2 Not Loading On Steam Bug

The first thing to check is if your GPU drivers are up to date. This should always be your first port of call for most problems with games. Be it low performance, or issues getting it running, a driver update can often fix the problem.

If your drivers are up to date, or you update them and still have the issue, the next thing to try is running the game in windowed mode. To do this, right-click on Rage 2 in your Steam library. Open up the Properties tab, then select Launch Options on the General tab. A dialogue box will open, so type “-windowed” (without the quotation marks) in there, then click apply.

The last thing to try, only if you want to do, is to navigate to C:\WINDOWS\System32\amdvlk64.dlll , delete that file and see if it will launch. Hopefully, one of those steps will fix whatever is wrong, and the game will launch for you. If not, all you can do is wait until Bethesda put out a patch for the game. I’ll be keeping an eye on the issue, either for more solutions that helped out other players or for word from Bethesda. I’ll keep this article updated as I learn more.