How to complete the Stagecoach Stickup Crime from Anthony Foreman in Red Dead Online

Time for an old-time robbery.

Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update has introduced a suite of new, unsavory missions that promise players rewards of gold, cash, and capitale. These missions are doled out by unlawful NPCs around the west, including Anthony Foreman, who can be found right outside of Rhodes. The first Crime he offers players is a simple stagecoach stickup. Here’s how to pull off the job quickly and without a hitch.

After receiving the mission from Foreman, players will have to rush over to the Braithwaite stables. As it turns out, someone working for the Braithwaites has stolen a stash of capitale, and you have to get it back. Once you get to the stable, start sneaking around and take out a bow if you have it. There are only a few guards around the stable, and they can all be taken out quietly. If you don’t manage to, prepare for a fight because all of the Braithwaite guards around will rush over to take you out. You can find a delivery schedule with the location of the stagecoach on the second floor of the stable.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have its location, ride over to the stagecoach. It won’t be moving very fast, but it does have a few guards. Take them out, then take the capitale stash. After that, it’s a short ride to the stash’s drop-off point. Riding there, some enemies will pursue you. Take them out or out-ride them to the drop-off and complete the mission.