Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: Mrs. Perez

Here’s how you can take in one of the wicked widows of the west.

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There are plenty of outlaws to catch across the wild west in Red Dead: Online. Between the common cattle thieves and the more dangerous legendary bounties, players can now tackle groups of killers and thieves. These infamous bounty missions, split into multiple parts, are a great way to earn some role XP and a bit of cash. One of these bounties has players riding for a group called The Three Widows. Here’s how you can capture one of them, the widow Perez.

Purchase the prestigious bounty hunter license

Of course, it takes the right kind of bounty hunter to go after these criminals. At least, that’s what Rockstar says. To pick up the bounties for The Three Widows, players will have to purchase the prestigious bounty hunter license. This piece of paper will let them go after any infamous bounty as well as a few new legendary bounties. To purchase the prestigious bounty hunter license, simply head to any bounty board across the west with 15 gold bars in tow, and follow the prompts to buy one.

Track down Mrs. Perez

When you take the bounty, you’ll get a prompt saying that Mrs. Perez has been attacking travelers just south of Emerald Ranch. Follow the trail to find her latest victim, the ruins of a small caravan with no survivors. There’s still some loot to be found, so dig around for a bit. Once you do, investigate the clue right next to the caravan. Doing so will show you the direction Mrs. Perez has fled in. Now you have two options. You know where Mrs. Perez is; it’s just a matter of getting to her before she reaches her hideout.

Attack before Mrs. Perez reaches her hideout

If you want this mission to go quickly and with as little risk as possible, rush to Mrs. Perez’s location. Forget about following trails and rush through the hills and woods to her. Once you ride up on her, you’ll find she’s traveling with two other outlaws. However, you should have enough time to take out Mrs. Perez’s hired guns and capture her without a sinch.

Attack Mrs. Perez’s hideout

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This option is a bit more fun. Wait for Mrs. Perez to reach her hideout, and she’ll stow away in the lone house in the area. The hideout itself isn’t too heavily guarded, there are some guards and a machine gun stationed in the middle of the camp, but that’s about all. The one thing to worry about is a lack of cover approaching the place. You’ll have to be careful maneuvering around, especially because of the machine gun. Take out anyone on that first, and you’ll have a much easier time.

Once the action starts, more enemies will begin to show up, running into the hideout from all directions. If you’re shooting from its outskirts, be careful that you don’t get flanked. Once all the enemies are dealt with, run into the house and capture Mrs. Perez.

Bring Mrs. Perez to Saint Denis

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Once you have her, you’ll have to deliver Mrs. Perez to Saint Denis to claim your bounty. Like other bounty targets, you’ll be pursued by outlaws on horseback, but they’re easy to outrun. Reach the police station and hand over your target for a bit of gold and some extra spending money.