Red Dead Online Infamous Bounties guide: Tobias Bellingham

There’s only room for one rogue moonshiner in the west.

Image via Rockstar

If you’ve run the course of Red Dead: Online’s regular and legendary bounties, there is one more set of missions to turn to. The game’s infamous bounties are multi-part missions that task players with capturing groups of criminals one at a time. These bounties pay off big in the end, so for anyone looking to make some extra cash, they’re a great option. Here’s how you can take down the first of the three Bellingham brothers, Tobias Bellingham.

Pick up the prestigious bounty hunter pass

It’s sad to say, but there’s a lot of content locked behind paywalls in Red Dead: Online. Even worse, a lot of that content is for the game’s bounty hunter role, arguably its most involved. Players need to pick up the prestigious bounty hunter pass to hunt for the Bellingham brothers. Thankfully, it’s not too expensive, costing just 15 gold bars.

Take the bounty in Rhodes

Unlike other bounties in Red Dead: Online, players can only pick up infamous bounties in certain locations. The bounty for the Bellingham brothers is located on the Rhodes bounty board. Head over to the third bounty option on the board and press up or down to select the infamous bounty. From there, you can start the hunt.

Track down Tobias Bellingham

Unfortunately, the hunt for Tobias is one of the slowest in the game. It’s a tracking bounty mission, so get ready to go from clue to clue, inspecting and following tracks. Thankfully, there aren’t multiple clues to follow with multiple paths, so follow the tracks left by Tobias to his location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Capture Tobias Bellingham

When you finally come across him, Tobias is at a moonshine stall by himself. Capturing him is a piece of cake; you can just run up to him with a lasso in hand and take him down. If, for some reason, you want to shoot him, be careful. The stall behind him can explode if you shoot it in just the right spot. Useful if you want him dead but extremely detrimental if you’re trying to claim the full bounty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once he’s on your horse, taking Tobias to prison is a cinch. Like any other bounty mission, you’ll be pursued by other outlaws on horseback. Take them out, and the bounty is all yours.