Red Dead Online Infamous Bounty guides: Gault

Take down one of the worst criminals in Saint Denis

Image via Rockstar

There are some real bad apples out there in the west, and someone’s got to get rid of them. Besides the usual and legendary bounties, players can also choose to participate in infamous bounties. These multi-part missions have bounty hunters track down a group of outlaws one at a time. Here’s how you can take down Gault, one of the most wanted men in Saint Denis.

Pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license

Like the latest legendary bounties added to Red Dead: Online, infamous bounties require a little more paperwork to take on. Players need to pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license to start the hunt for Gault and his fellow outlaws. Players can pick it up for just 15 gold bars at any bounty board.

Start tracking Gault

Gault seems to be one of the sicker criminals in Saint Denis. A prompt says that he’s been stalking people in the streets. Head to his last known location to find a couple of police investigating a crime scene. It seems like Gault has taken a victim. Investigate a spatter of blood to start tracking Gault.

Screenshot by Gamepur

That trail will lead you to another crime scene in an alley. Investigate the hat left on the ground by Gault’s latest victim, and you’ll be hot on his trail.

Capture Gault

You’ll quickly be led to Gault’s posse, a large group of outlaws. Gault himself is on a cart discussing eugenics, so there shouldn’t be any remorse when it comes to taking him down. Be sure to approach on your horse because as soon as you get close, Gault will bolt off.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s only one good way to stop a cart, and that’s by getting rid of its horse. Catch up to Gault, take out his passenger to avoid being shot, and put down the animal. Afterward, Gault will take off running, so have your lasso at the ready and run him down. Once you’ve got him, be careful of any outlaws you may have left in the dust, they’ll still be gunning for you. Take Gault back to the Saint Denis police station for some quick cash.

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