Remnant 2: How to Solve All Cathedral of Omens Puzzles

The Cathedral of Omens in Remnant 2 requires you to unlock several doors, and this guide shows you the correct symbol order.

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The puzzles in Remnant 2 can take a good amount of time to figure out. These are challenging puzzles you’ll have to look around the environment to figure out the various clues that hint at the exact answer. One of the more challenging puzzles has to do in the Cathedral of Omens, and location you can find while exploring Yaesha.

The Cathedral of Omens has a large structure at the top, with several levers for you to pull. You will need to grab these levers in the correct order to make an appropriate series of symbols on the floor to unlock the various doors inside this room. Here’s what you need to know about solving all Cathedral of Omens Puzzles in Remnant 2 and unlocking all doors.

How to Unlock All Cathedral of Omens Doors in Remnant 2 – All Puzzle Solutions

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You can find the Cathedral of Omens while exploring the Yaesha biome, one of the many worlds you can locate in Remantn 2. You can find the Cathedral of Omens in the Faithless Thicket, which connects from The Forbidden Grove. When you reach the Cathedral, there is a large room with several symbols above the floor, with a skylight reflecting them on the ground. There are three levers in the room, one that moves the larger triangle at the center, one that moves the symbols around, and another that moves two circles that surround the symbols.

The symbols and format for positioning them can be extremely confusing in the Cathedral of Omens. Thankfully, there’s a key you can follow in the side room to the right of the entrance. Head inside there, and there’s a book depicting a name for each of the six symbols on the floor. You have the Sun, Moon, Life, Death, Doe, and the Ravager. The Doe is the opposite of the Ravager, the Life is the opposite of Death, and the Sun is the opposite of the Moon on the connected symbols.

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Also, further in this book are stories associated with the room’s doors. You can match the symbols for the stories with the ones above the door. There are two primary stories you need to care about to open the two locked doors in this Remant 2 puzzle: The Calamity and The Blood Moon. There is a third puzzle that concerns The Hope story.

How to Solve The Calamity in Cathedral of Omens in Remnant 2

The Calamity Remnant 2
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The Calamity opens the door opposite the entrance you came through to enter the Cathedral of Omens. The story references the Ravager, Death, and The Doe. The way you do this is to move the large triangle to match the symbol underneath The Calamity, which will have a point facing the locked door you want to open in Remnant 2.

Calamity Solution Remnant 2
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You will then need to swap out the symbols so the Ravager is one of the large circles, and the Doe is in the other. Finally, to the left of the Doe is the symbol of Death, and you’ll need to switch the small circles so one is overtop of the Doe, and the other is overtop of Death. This should open the first locked door in the Cathedral of Omens, bringing you one step closer to completing this Remnant 2 puzzle.

The next puzzle concerns the story about The Blood Moon and the symbols associated with this tale. You’ll want to look at the symbol above the door of the second room.

How to Solve The Blood Moon in Cathedral of Omens in Remnant 2

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Like the previous puzzle, I needed to move the large triangle to face the same direction as the triangle from The Blood Moon story. For this puzzle, I had to switch it so it was facing the same way as the door I wanted to open, and the two circles were going right to left on the large circle on the floor.

Next, the story talks about the Moon and the Sun, as the two are the story’s main focus. The Moon needs to be in the upper right area, whereas the Sun must be in the lower left. Finally, the second symbol mentioned is the Ravager, which needs to be below the Moon, and you need to move the two circles so that one overlaps the Moon and the other is around the Ravager, unlocking the last door.

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Placement is important when solving this puzzle. Of the two stories, The Calamity offers more rewards, as it reveals the Faith Seed material, and the other room for the Blood Moon only shows two chests full of resources. I found the Faith Seed far more helpful than these two, but loading up on supplies in Remnant 2 never hurts.

There is a third hidden puzzle that is less obvious than the other two. The third has to do with the symbol underneath the entrance.

How to Solve Third Puzzle in Cathedral of Omens in Remnant 2 – The Hope Solution

Starting at the Cathedral of Omens entrance, turn around and look up. You should see a triangle pointing to the corner of the room. Like the previous puzzles, you’ll need to move the main triangle so the center points in the same direction.

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The puzzle itself that details the symbol you’ll need to focus on has to do with The Hope story in Remannt 2. You’ll want to focus on getting the Doe in the upper right corner and have the Death symbol facing the room’s entrance. After you’ve done this, bring the two small circles so they are wrapped around the Sun and the Life symbols. The symbol on the bottom part of the triangle should be the Ravager.

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Upon completing the puzzle, a weapon will appear at the center of the room. You can grab it and add it to your collection in Remnant 2. This weapon is the Sagittarius bow.