Remnant 2: How to Get Blood Moon Essence & Use It

Blood Moon Essence is an item you’ll be on the hunt for in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you how to get it and where it comes from.

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There are several materials and resources for you to find while playing Remnant 2. One of the more unique materials you will need to get is Blood Moon Essence. It’s a rare material that appears in specific areas.

You will want to track this material down while playing Remnant 2, but where to find it is unclear. These are required for the Bloodmoon Altar, which is connected to it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 and where you can use it.

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Blood Moon Essence Location in Remnant 2

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Reliably looting Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 can be a challenge. It’s a material that only appears in the Yaesha world in Remnant 2, so you’ll need to focus on remaining in this area to track it down. Now, it won’t always drop while you’re playing the game. Instead, it only appears when the Blood Moon is out in a specific region or if you make a critical decision when encountering the Yaesha final boss.

The Blood Moon has a chance to appear in any of the regions in Yaesha. I found one when I first entered Yaesha with my second character and found a handful of Blood Moon Essence as I explored the area. This was when I was unclear about why I was getting this material, which made me want to learn how to get it in even more as I played Remnant 2. My patience paid off, and I discovered it was because of the distinct Blood Moon in the sky of this particular region, which was not appearing in other areas.

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I discovered that there was no Blood Moon if the sky above me in Yaesha looked grey and dull. I had to travel to a different world in Remnant 2, completely different from Yaesha, and then return for a chance for the Blood Moon to return. These two skies are extremely distinct, and an important thing to note is if you see small, glowing purple orbs floating through the air. If you see the purple orbs, you know there’s a Blood Moon out, and you want to start shooting these orbs. Destroying those orbs is how you acquire Blood Moon Essence.

When you destroy the Purple Orbs floating around when the Blood Moon is out in Remnant 2, they soar back to you and become Blood Moon Essence. This has been the only way I’ve found to acquire this item while exploring the game, and it’s critical if you want to unlock the Summoner Archetype.

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How to Farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

I also noticed that after choosing to kill the Doe at the end of the Yaesha world boss, I had a Blood Moon consistently outside of the Forgotten Temple, the main area where I had decided to kill the Doe in Remnant 2. This is not a requirement to receive Blood Moon Essence, but it does seem like a better way to do it in the game if you’re struggling to get them. However, I don’t recommend it. At least, for your first playthrough.

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In my initial playthrough, I decided to save the Doe and battle against the Corrupted Ravager. Although it was a tough fight, I thought the rewards were worth it at the time. However, for my second run, I decided to heed the Corrupted Ravager’s call for blood in Remnant 2 and took out the Doe. Then, when I left the Temple, the Blood Moon was fully out, and it was extremely easy to acquire Blood Moon Essence. I did this until I had enough to buy everything from the Blood Moon Altar. This is a good way to farm Blood Moon Essence if you want to get everything at once.

When you have enough Blood Moon Essence, explore the rest of Yaesha to find the Blood Moon Altar. This is essentially a vendor you can find while exploring Remnant 2, and it only appears in Yaesha. The exact location of this altar will vary for every playthrough.